Stylish lighting ideas for your home

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Thinking of giving your home a stylish update without going overboard? Then updating the lighting is the perfect option. You’d be surprised what an impact lighting can have on the overall appearance and feel of your property, and there are so many great styles to choose from. From cool and minimalist abstract styles to wicker hanging light shades, here are a few lighting ideas that you should consider using in your home.

Smart lighting  

If you consider yourself eco-conscious, then smart lighting is perfect for you. This type of lighting is all about making life easier while keeping your home looking stylish and modern in the process. Smart lighting solutions connect to your other technology like a Google Home or Amazon Alexa, along with apps that link to your smartphone. Some models can even change the colour of your lighting and create an ambient atmosphere, while some use motion sensors to turn on and off whenever a person enters the room.

More property companies are utilising this type of technology, such as RW Invest who use smart lighting within their investment properties. This way, investors can attract tenants who prefer a modernised and forward-thinking home, while helping to limit energy waste in the process.

Pendant lighting  

Pendant lighting is one of the biggest lighting trends of the last few years. This type of lighting has a distinctive style and can come in a range of different shapes and sizes, perfect for each room in the home. One of the most popular places that pendant lighting is used is within the kitchen, as it works really well to give the space that modern, polished feel.

 Abstract lighting

 If you prefer a more unique look in your home, seek out abstract lighting fixtures. There are lots of contemporary and abstract lighting choices out there, with geometric styles, sculptural shapes, and artistic, minimalist frames. Some popular abstract styles include a floating cloud shaped pendant which is ideal for use in kids’ bedrooms, or a neon LED wall fixture for a cool and quirky appearance.

Chandelier lighting

For those with a preference for the finer things in life, a chandelier lighting design could be the perfect way to update your home. Chandeliers can be as over the top or as understated as you’d like and tend to work well within the living room or dining area. Combine your chandelier with stylish and luxurious decor and furnishings to finish off the look.

Natural fibre lighting

Light shades made from woven rattan and wicker materials are a big trend for 2019. These styles give a space a light and airy feel which goes well in homes with a more bohemian style. Pair this lighting style with neutral colour palettes and furniture with a natural edge such as a chunky jute rug, some indoor plants, and wicker storage baskets. If you have a beach house, or you’re just a fan of this aesthetic, natural fibre lighting will complete the relaxed look of your home.

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