Kitchen Designs with Unusual Choices

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You know your kitchen and its unique possibilities better than anyone else. Because this room is the central gathering space in your home, you are familiar with every corner, nook and cranny. Since you cook meals and prepare snacks in this room every day, you know what areas you might change. You also understand that your kitchen, like many others, may have some space limitations. Yet these need not be shortcomings. Realising the room’s limits and drawbacks can actually be of great help when planning an interior update. By selecting your favourite new design mode and adding some unique and eclectic elements, you can create a stellar makeover. Your kitchen will then reflect your own ideas of traditional luxury, casual chic or sleek minimalist decor.

If you are planning a stunning interior style for a new home kitchen, there is no need for conformity. You are not faced with deciding which current or older design elements to keep and which ones to replace. You can let your creative talents go wild and then rein them in somewhat. You can enjoy the artistic freedom of mixing and matching style elements and fashion modes as you like.

Even small items with dynamic designs and accents can lend spice and intrigue to your new kitchen decor. Pops and swatch-sized strokes of colour can do wonders to define your personal preferences as dramatic kitchen fashion accents. Small or large kitchen designs can be brightened up with colourful eclectic items of decor. If you need advice, the expert bespoke kitchen furnishings designers and manufacturers of Murdoch Troon Kitchens can help.

Unique and Alluring Stylistic Elements for Your New or Updated Kitchen Designs

The following unusual design choices for a new home kitchen or a remodelling update can create a stunning interior. These unusual choices can result in a functional new kitchen with alluring uniqueness and stylish charm:

  • Magical Mix of Rustic and Chic

If you favour rustic kitchen designs, but also like chic, stylish elements of decor, you can include both. This is often easier when renovating an older kitchen that currently has unique decorative items or shabby chic decor. In this instance, you can simply choose the unusual pieces that you want to include in your new interior design. Stunning visual effects can result from combining a distressed white wooden kitchen cupboard and ornate Japanese antique ceramic vases.

A wrought-iron chandelier with vintage chrome lamps lighting a polished hardwood island with a smooth quartz countertop glows pleasingly. Repurposed barrels converted into seats at your kitchen island-bar add rustic charm to your new marble floor tiles. Although these are quite different elements of decor, the natural origins of wood and stone reflect an appealing feeling of harmony. Rustic and chic can make magical stylistic partners for kitchen decor.

  • Classic Style with Practical Overtones

Light hardwood flooring and neutral tones like sand or cream for painted walls and cabinetry can set a classic tone. Try adding chrome appliances, copper hanging lantern lights and granite counters and benchtop in light grey and amber tones. In this way, you can create a stunning yet practical stylistic balance of unique fashion and functionality. The neutral shades and softly glowing granite maintain a timeless, classic ambiance.

At the same time, the shiny chrome and copper surfaces suggest practical use and easy maintenance. The smooth, bright metal and simplistic lines of the appliance designs suggest contemporary lifestyles and cooking modes. With some pops of rich colour like a kitchen table and tall, slender bar stools painted bright amber, your kitchen will reflect modern elegance. Sparkling crystal door knobs on cabinetry emphasise classic style. Yet the shiny metal elements enliven your kitchen with the essence of practical, energetic activity.

  • Mix of Crystal, Wood and Stainless Steel

You may like the idea of a simple stainless steel and finished timber kitchen, but want a touch of class. If so, try experimenting with crystal. When you hang a crystal chandelier in the room’s centre, your stainless steel cabinets and island-top will radiate light. Because of the refracted prism beams from the chandelier, you will have good lighting for prepping and serving food and beverages without any unpleasant glare.

With dark walnut flooring and a handcrafted hardwood island base painted in deep cocoa, you will add sedate traditional sophistication. Yet the sleek stainless steel and shimmering chandelier light can add a playful mix of classic fun and contemporary chic. This unique combination of stylistic elements will spark curiosity and conversation among friends and neighbors. One and all will enjoy food and drinks in the relaxing charm of your unusual kitchen decor.

  • Modern Merged with Loft Style

Contemporary large kitchen designs in all white with high ceilings and large skylights give the feeling of an upper loft floor above. A series of recessed ceiling spotlights and sleek contemporary sconce lighting along the walls add pleasing night lighting. A white wicker table and chairs at one end of the room form a haven for sharing snacks and conversation. Just beyond the table is a sliding glass wall leading to a flower-bordered outdoor terrace.

Simple wall cubbies serve as open cabinets and display shelves for elegant china, glassware and decorative items. Chrome-accented appliances have matte-white finishes to match the pristine white of cabinetry and a slender quartz benchtop. Several identical white quartz counters supply extra worktops for prepping fresh foods and preparing cooking or baking ingredients. Baskets of fresh fruits and flowers lend vibrant colours, natural fragrances and organic freshness. These pure accents from nature highlight stunning kitchen ideas.

  • Geometric Designs Warmed with Plant Life

For a slightly futuristic kitchen interior, choose a streamlined geometric design. Start with a cube-shaped island in light grey lacquered wood, matching wall-mounted cabinetry and similar under-counter cupboards. The smooth, minimalist fashion of these furnishings creates the futuristic style. The simplistic geometric lines of these basic shapes are repeated in the box-like range, refrigerator and square sink in smooth stainless steel. Quirky kitchens often combine futuristic geometric forms with playful elements of decor. This mixture can produce very unusual yet nice kitchen designs.

Seamless charcoal moulded bar chairs with curved vinyl backs and seats line one side of the kitchen island cube. The charcoal coloured cement floor tiling matches the chairs and natural stone benchtop. Cylindrical pendant lights suspended above the island and counter areas add well-focused lighting for worktops. Pops of bright pink, lavender and green are supplied by wall-mounted flowering plants for a surprise touch of nature. This is another example of natural enhancements for stunning kitchen ideas. Creative modern kitchen inspiration can do wonders when planning a unique new kitchen interior.

  • Subtle Charm with Understated Decor

The key to this style of kitchen design and decor is selecting subtle colours, patterns and textures. Choose materials, surfaces and variations in colouration that align with your personal preferences. If you like classy vintage furniture, select elegant wooden freestanding cabinets with simple lines and finishes. Use small-scale floral prints in pastels for curtains, roller blinds and upholstered chair or stool seats. Standard butcher block counters and benchtop can complement your design.

For understated decor in contemporary chic style, choose streamlined furnishings with simple, clean lines. Black or stainless steel appliances are good choices for this design mode. Try adding tall, slender stainless steel island-bar stools with black leather seats. Painted aluminium window shutters, island, wall-mounted cabinets and tulip-shaped pendant lights in black and grey emphasise subtlety. A light grey and tan marble benchtop and floor tiles blend well with your understated plan for an unusual kitchen. The more kitchen layout ideas and appealing decor that you discover, the more exciting your new interior will be.

Select Your Favourites for Style and Enjoyment

Everyone can relax when hearing the statement that there are no set rules for creating the kitchen of your dreams. If you are a home chef whose preferences tend toward subtleties and understatement, no need for concern. There are just as many options and possibilities for stunning subtle kitchen interiors as there are for dynamically designed ones. You can include traditional, vintage, rustic or contemporary chic elements of decor in your understated interior. If your preferences are for brightly coloured decor and boldly stated designs and textures, there are myriad varieties available. Choose your favourites and enjoy. Remember that quirky kitchens can be stylish, too.

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