How to get the best price for your home

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Have you recently made the decision to move home? Maybe you have a new job, you fancy a change of scenery, or you’re looking to up or downsize. Whatever the reason, selling your property and finding a new one can be a challenging experience, one should prepare for carefully. It’s one of those big decisions which, if you make mistakes, could come back and bite you where it hurts – in your pocket. One thing you’ll be wanting to focus on is getting the best price for your home. Here are some ideas for trying to attract the best financial offers.

Tidy up your home

A key focus for you when you’re putting your home on the market for sale is to make sure that’s in good enough shape to show potential buyers around. You don’t want just to be trying to hide clutter and rubbish behind the sofa and in the cupboards and using rugs to cover up stains on the carpet. Your property needs to be given a good, deep clean.

It doesn’t matter if your house has all the space, rooms and garden that a buyer wants. If it looks dirty and in poor condition, it’s likely to put them off, or they’re likely to come in with a lower offer. Remember, first impressions last when it comes to home buying. You may also want to re-decorate.

Extend your home

To add more value to your home over time you should think about some structural work. Do you have space and capacity to create another bedroom, for example? Maybe that massive empty loft space is ripe for conversion. Could one of your existing bedrooms be reconfigured or extended to include an en-suite bathroom? How about downstairs? Could you create a bigger kitchen or dining area? All these kind of extensions to your home can add significant value, making your property more attractive to buyers. Of course, you will have to put in some investment, but hopefully, the returns will cover that and give you more money on top. Have a look at for how you can add skylights to a beautiful loft conversion, creating an extra bedroom or even a home office.

The outside area

You can also look to boost the value of your home by focusing on any outdoor areas around your property. How’s the garden looking? Is it more of a wild area than a Chelsea Flower Show contender? If you take care of your garden and nurture it over time, adding nice features, including a summer house, for example, this can help boost up the price of your property. If you have lots of outdoor space, you could even think about installing a small swimming pool, with a roof cover. That could certainly get the buyers digging deep!

Get a great estate agent

Last, but not least, you can also potentially add value to your home by getting a great estate agent to help you sell it – going for and achieving the best price in the current market. So, choose one carefully and look at their track record and experience.

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