A Stylish Shower? Sure It’s Possible

Photo Credit: www.pexels.com

Few of us would put shower and style in the same sentence. This is one aspect of our homes which is functional, but not exactly pretty. But, it’s time to change that. A functional shower space won’t cut it. If you want to reach complete satisfaction at home, you need to focus on all aspects. If you think the shower’s bad, wait until you have spruce up the toilet! But, before you get to that stage, it’s time to tackle your shower. Here are a few pointers to help you along the way.

Consider The Cubicle

Shower cubicles are often uninspiring. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to add interest. If you wanted, you could do away with the cubicle altogether. Many showers now have nothing more than a glass panel. This move would turn your shower into an amazing feature. And, as long as you incorporate a proper drainage system, there’s no reason it can’t work. Bear in mind that you’ll need the floor to slope downwards to avoid water stagnation!

Or, you could keep a cubicle, but get creative. Longer cubicles can look fantastic, and they provide a lot more space while washing! Or, you could take things the other way if you have a small bathroom. Why not find a small nook to fit your cubicle into? This can look cute, and serves a practical purpose.

Different materials can also look good here. Marble would add an up market vibe to your bathroom. Or, you could opt for stone, and go down the industrial route.

Take Some Time Over Tiles

Your shower tiles also deserve attention. You could argue they’re the most important design feature. They’re certainly the first thing everyone will see. So, it’s crucial you get this right. You could opt for traditional white tiles, which would look good if done right. Bear in mind that small tiles and water don’t mix well. The more filler there is, the more chance it has of rotting when exposed to water. Instead, you’re better off using large tiles.

If you want to step away from tradition, you could use wooden style tiles instead. These are increasing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why; they look beautiful. Bear in mind that real wood wouldn’t work. No matter how well you treat it, it’s not designed for water exposure!

The Main Event

And, of course, there’s the shower head. When turning your attention here, think first about the platform you’ll be hanging it on. Taking a look at bathroom shower panels should lead you to a design which suits your tiles. If you’re so inclined, you could even opt for an automatic option!

Once the panel is in place, you can focus on the shower head. You’ll need to decide whether you want a hand held option or a fixed shower. While a fixed option may look best regarding design, a handheld option is often more practical. And, a shower has to be practical, right?

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