5 Ideas For a New House Extension

Photo Credit: Ivan Samkov via www.pexels.com

Adding an extension to your house comes with many benefits. It adds value to your property, creates more space, and provides extra functionality to your home. More importantly, your extension should fulfil your unique needs and improve your quality of life. Below is a guide of ideas for your new house extension. 

Home Office

Over the past year, many people have started working from home. It looks likely that a hybrid of office and home working will be popular in the future. Thus, a home office could be just what you need to help your work and life balance. You want to make sure it’s a comfortable space for you to work in. To avoid extending an existing heating system, you can choose from a range of electric heaters to keep your new office warm throughout the winter.

Home Gym

Or perhaps you’re more interested in working out, than office work. A home gym could be a great option for you. You don’t have to worry about paying gym membership fees or finding the motivation to make the journey before or after work. All the equipment you need is right at home. Plus, if you feel uncomfortable in a gym but want to improve your exercise routine, this could be a solution for you. When it comes to picking the right gym equipment for your home, you’ll want to pick pieces you’re actually going to use to avoid wasting your hard earned money. Extended


Lots of people choose to get extensions because their current home is a bit too small for their needs. If you’ve been craving more space in your kitchen, you could consider getting an extension. There are a wide array of kitchen extension options. You may want to embrace the outdoors with a glass extension or create an open plan dining space – make sure to thoughtfully plan the layout to make the most of the new space.

Second Living Room

If there are lots of people living in your house, one lounge can feel cramped from time to time, so you could build a second living room. This allows people more room to spread out and get comfortable. Alternatively, a second living room could also act as a more formal hosting space for when you have company over. It’s up to you, and your household.

Utility Room

Your extension doesn’t have to be a space that you and the rest of the household spend time in. It could serve as a functional space and act as a multi-purpose utility room. You can store your fundamental appliances in there – such as your washing machine and dryer – to create more space in the rest of your home.

Your extension should serve the unique needs of your home and lifestyle. Ask yourself what kind of room would be the most helpful for your household. What might you use an extension for?

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