4 timeless decorative themes for your living room

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Is your living room in need of a bit of a make over but don’t know where to start? We’ve complied a list of ideas to give you some inspiration to get you started.

Bring the outside in

Embrace nature by installing big French doors or folding doors and enhance the natural light.  This will make your room appear bigger and brighter and allow you to enjoy the outside even when you are inside.  Introducing house plants into your living room to bring a natural feel and they even help to purity the air.  This could even be something small like a cactus, especially if you’re renowned for forgetting to water plants.

Go rustic

Give your living room a rustic twist by introducing an exposed brick wall.  This will actually save you money on painting and decorating if you are moving into a new house.  An exposed wall gives an authentic feel, brings texture into a living room and work great as a great feature wall.  Alternatively, exposed pipes or beams give a similar effect, start to embrace the natural features of your house.

Mix up traditional and modern

If your living room is more traditional and is in need of a bit of a facelift, you don’t need to restart completely but can bring in more modern items to mix it up.  You could introduce marble effects or bring in a fresh bright colour to brighten up darker furniture.  By adding in colour through cushions, pictures or a rug, you will make your living room brighter and more dynamic.  Gadgets are fast becoming a necessity in every modern home and can be bought in alongside more traditional items.  You could consider ice machines for your bar, perfect for use in drinks or cocktails when you are entertaining or simply enjoying a night in.  Alternatively, investing in a speaker system helps to set the right mood no matter what the occasion.

Small changes make a big difference

If your living room is looking a bit tired but you don’t want to commit to a complete makeover, then consider some of these minor changes that can lift a room.  Simple ideas can really make a big difference, for example replacing a tired looking rug or instead of buying a whole new sofa, add new, bright cushions or add a new throw to freshen it up without breaking the bank.  You could add new pictures to the walls or replace the curtains.  Making small changes don’t need to cost a lot but can really change the feel of a room.

We hope we have provided you with some inspiration to get you started on decorating your living room.  Remember your living room should reflect your personality and you don’t need to break the bank, small changes go a long way.


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