Patio Ideas and Top Tips

With warm weather hitting London, our gardens have never been more on show. This outdoor space will soon become the favourite hangout area of the family. It’s a good break from having to stay inside the house the entire time.

But if you aren’t lucky enough to have one, that doesn’t mean you can’t brighten up your outdoor area, however small it may be. Whether you have a patio or a city balcony, you can still bring some life to your outdoors space with some helpful top tips. It’s not really a matter of how much space you have. It’s more about what you do with the space you have to make it more homely. The tips below can help you transform your patio into an outdoor living space the entire family will love.

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Tip 1. Do Your Research 

Creating the perfect patio requires some forward thinking. Before you start, it’s important to figure out what type of patio or balcony you have. It may sound silly but considering size and sunlight is important. For example, if your patio is lucky enough to be drenched in sunlight, geraniums are the perfect plant to pot. These little details are necessary to strike a balance within the entire space and to make your patio look more well-designed.

If you don’t have the space yet and you’re creating from scratch, try to look for a spot. For instance, if you’ve got a pool at home, then you can centre your patio around the pool area. If you don’t, you can also choose one with lots of trees, so you can have some natural shade.

Tip 2. Pots, Pots, and More Pots

If there’s no space or light to line your patio with a boarder, don’t fret. Plant pots can work just as well to line our your outdoor space. Don’t just use any old pot, be creative. Find some interesting containers and quirky planters in wealth of summery shades. One of our favourites is osteospermum – this gorgeous plant has a lovely rich purple colour that will add a pop of colour to any pot.

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Tip 3. Keep Your Patio Clean

No matter how nice looking your patio may be, if it’s dirty, then this can still destroy the overall aesthetic of the space. Over time, it’s expected that your patio will accumulate dust and dirt. Some may be easier to clean than others.

If you want to give your patio or deck a good clean, The Patient Gardener’s guide provides a list of the best patio cleaners you can use.

Tip 4. Keep Plants Healthy

Pot plants require regular feeding and plenty of water in order to stay healthy, so come summer time, make sure you use a multipurpose liquid feed.

Tip 5. Try Topiary

Keeping your garden space neat, tidy and fresh isn’t easy no matter how small it may be. If you’re time poor, why not try a topiary? Not only can it withstand whatever the great British weather has to throw at it, it’s also easy to maintain and stays a luscious green colour all year round. Should you get bored of the standard ball or conical shapes, create quirky shapes and swirls if you’re no good with the sheers.

Tip 6. Swap Your Pots

Ensure all your pot plants have the chance to bloom by moving them around so they all get a little burst of sunshine. Why not have a winter pot which you can fill with evergreens and swap for the blooming plant pot once it has flourished? 

Tip 7. Layer up

Create layers by hanging up your plants in rustic baskets. Not only does it maximise space, perfect for cosy balconies, but it also adds a bit of country chic to your outdoor area.

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This layer of plants also works very well for those who have a smaller patio space. That way, you can still have plants to make your patio feel cooler and more relaxed without eating up what little space you have.

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Final Word

When you apply all these tips, you’re set to have a cosy outdoor living space for the entire family during the summer. Whether you’ll be lounging on your own, with the kids, or inviting friends over for some tea, you now have an outdoor space that’s like an extension of your home. The great thing about these tips is that they’re also versatile enough to apply no matter the size of your patio. Go ahead and get working on that space.

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