Creative Ways to Lighten Your Living Room

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Decorating your dream home is a chance to express your personality. Picking the right kind of lighting, décor, and furniture for each room will reflect your design aesthetic. The living room is the most used space in a person’s home, from hosting a small party to snacks matched with a movie marathon, or a place for reading and getting some work done. It’s important not to overlook this and consider your personal lifestyle and the kind of lighting fixtures that will best fit your living room for the multitude of activities that you plan to do in the space.

Creative lighting in any room will make your space feel complete not only to serve its purpose but to work as an accent and set the mood.

There are three kinds of lighting ideas that can work in the living room, overhead ambient lighting, accent or decorative lighting, and task lighting. Whether it is a retro-inspired chandelier, an elegant table lamp, or a fixed modern style lighting source, there are no set rules, and you are fairly free to choose the styles and types and combine lighting fixtures that best serve your space and needs effectively.

To help, we have listed below unique lighting ideas that can be a perfect fit for your living room.

Explore statement pieces
Picking out a unique lighting fixture is a great way to enrich the interiors of your living room. It can also serve as a great conversation starter. Whether installing a lighting fixture with a modern contemporary design or a vintage chandelier or something unique like an artichoke lamp, it will definitely help brighten up your interiors. The artichoke lamp was Initially conceived in 1958 by Danish designer Paul Henningsemon for a restaurant in Copenhagen, the modern lighting fixture with copper sheets inspired by artichokes provides uniform illumination and looks attractive from any side.

Corner lighting
The corners of your living room are perfect places to add a lighting fixture. If you’d like to relax and bring out your favorite book, add a table lamp near a comfortable chair or by the side of the sofa. By doing so this can offer more focused lighting that can let you enjoy reading when the main ceiling lights are switched off. It can also be beneficial if you create a symmetrical arrangement by placing a pair of floor lamps on opposite sides of the living room space.

Layer different types of lighting
Interior designers suggest layering the various types of lighting fixtures in your living room. Always take into consideration the amount of natural light your living room receives before making any purchases. Ambient lighting, such as a ceiling fixture can work for an evening get together or when you’d like to catch up on your favorite show on the living room couch. Task lighting can be placed at a specific spot which you know you’ll use for reading or checking on paperwork, while a moveable floor lamp offers task lighting that can provide luminance for a specific activity that you’d like to do in your living room. 

Create a focal point

Adding a chandelier is a great strategy to create a focal point in your living room space. Choose a chandelier that best fits your style and that can complement your décor and furniture. Rummage through vintage or antique shops to find a statement piece that can illuminate your living room and be a topic of conversation when you have guests over.  You can also try by adding multiple pendant style lamps or fixtures to create a cluster of light sources ideally aimed at different parts of your living room in order to provide a uniform lighting ambiance.

Think small

Small portable desk or floor lamps are a practical way of using task lighting because you are able to move them around the living room space. A small table lamp can rest by a side table by the sofa, a coffee table or even a shelf. Having small and easily movable light sources will give you the option to change the décor and also have something to use when you need more light at a specific spot in your living room.

Check for craftsmanship

By choosing finely handcrafted lights for your living room, you will not only end up with higher quality but you are paying for the great love and attention to detail put into creating it. A unique handcrafted lighting product will add character and charm to your room. Look for interesting shapes, materials and glass used. Buying a set of handcrafted lights for your living room from a craftsman will also help support the local economy.

Use retro bulbs

Industrial designs can sometimes look impersonal and cold. The best way to prevent your living room from looking indifferent is by incorporating retro bulbs in order to warm up the décor of your living room. Pairing modern technology with more vintage design can be a great way of making your interiors look more chic and stylish. Look for LED filament bulbs that do not only look aesthetically pleasing but are fashionable at the same time. They also consume less electricity in the long run.

Choose lighting that best fits the character of your living room. Don’t be afraid to experiment because at the end of the day the key is to create a warm and inviting space that makes you and your guests feel at home.

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