The Duke of Cambridge

duke of cambridgeA quirky London pub with bags of character, serving organic and locally-sourced produce.

It seems like a lot of restaurants and pubs are quick to place ‘locally-sourced’, ‘organic’, ‘home-made’, and the like, on their menus, but can we really be sure that the dishes always reflect this?  For those of you looking for all of the above, head down to The Duke of Cambridge, a gorgeous pub nestled in the backstreets of London’s Angel.

The menu changes daily, sometimes more, as everything they cook is sourced from independent producers, 80% of which are based in the Home Counties.  Their food miles are kept to as low a scale as possible and their products come from low environmental impact sources.  Even their elecricity is generated by solar and wind energy.  Are they making you feel guilty yet?

The truth is, perhaps we should all be taking more interest in where our food comes from.  We’ve learnt to do it in our homes, so why not when we eat out?

The Duke’s menu is full of seasonal delights, with anything from Artichoke and Apple Soup to Mutton, Mushroom and Red Wine Stew.  Children are very welcome but it is a pub after all, so best to take them for a long weekend lunch or an early dinner before 9pm.

After one visit, the Duke of Cambridge will leave you coming back for more.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find the same menu twice and the staff are friendly and happy to help talk you through the dishes.

For The Duke of Cambridge location and more information, visit their website.

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