Inamo St James

InamoInamo, the revolutionary pan-Asian restaurant offers an interactive experience with contemporary fusion cuisine. Located in the heart of London’s bustling St James’, Inamo offers diners a revolutionary culinary experience unlike any other.

First launched in Soho in 2008, Inamo has now spread its interactive dining experience across town to St James, offering diners a wealth of choice to dine at. Known for their innovative, interactive tables and mouth-watering pan-Asian cuisine, Inamo is virtual reality for the whole family.

With strong Japanese influences, the interior uses natural materials and colours such as timber as well as green and black onyx. A vertical Japanese wall garden with trickling stone water feature adds a tranquil setting for the interactive technologies and features.

On arrival, StyleNest are immediately drawn to the interactive tables known as the E-Table system. Once seated at our E-Table, our waitress talks us through the operating process and we get started. With a mini mouse pad in place and a projection illuminated on your screen, StyleNest were able to select our own digital tablecloth as well as the option for a scrolling projection if you can’t decide. Once you’ve chosen your ambience, StyleNest scrolled through the virtual menu which projects an image of each dish onto our plates. Other options include a ‘ChefCam’ so you can take a sneak peek inside the kitchen as well as games to keep everyone entertained. StyleNest favourite Battleships remained a hit as well as picture shuffle.

After placing our order ourselves, we shared a selection of succulent Chicken Satay, fresh Tuna Sashimi plate and Baby Pork Ribs with a generous side of steamed and rock salted Edamame Beans. To follow, StyleNest sampled the Black Cod marinated with spicy miso and a side of delicious steamed rice and Bok Choi tossed in oyster sauce with fresh ginger and chilli.

With a range of different flavours against the animated E-Tables, Inamo makes for the perfect date night venue, adding fun and excitement into your meal. Great with children, the E-Tables will serve as hours of entertainment and your little one will never want to leave the table.

Inamo St James is located at 4 – 12 Lower Regent Street, London, SW1Y 4PE

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