Fourth Floor At Harvey Nichols Edinburgh

harvey nick brasserie  edinburghFrazer, StyleNest’s daddy blogger extraordinaire heads to the super stylish brasserie at Harvey Nicks. From the service to the menus to the atmosphere, this fabulously fashionable lunch spot proved to be a real hit with all the family. 

I should confess from the off that this was far from our first time en famille at Harvey Nichols wonderful Forth Floor in Edinburgh. Indeed, it is likely that my eldest’s first trip post hospital after he was born was to Harvey Nicks; both he and his sister have been there numerous times since.

The first thing to strike parents on arrival save for the preposterous views across the city and the Forth is the attentiveness of the staff; seldom have we been places where the pencils and drawing materials come out prior to the menus (although ingeniously they have combined the childrens’ menu with colouring options).

Our myriad previous visits have naturally been at various times of day, from tea, coffee, snacks to lunch and evening libations, and my better half, the scone aficionado, has a particular soft spot. For this worthy tome, though, we chose dinner for four (Oran 3, Tallulah 16 months), early Friday evening as the sun gradually set.

In the restaurant and brasserie, the space is open and light, and suitably welcoming to the patter of not so tiny explorers. Indeed, any preconceptions that Harvey Nichols would be stuffy and stiff should be jettisoned prior to arrival, and will swiftly be once you’re there. Arguably the strongest asset of all amidst stunning venue, decor, excellent food and drinks is the staff- genuinely welcoming, accommodating and thoroughly charming at all times. This is of particular use, of course, when with the youths, and highchairs, glasses of water, extra crockery and the like are the sine qua non of the dining experience.

As for dining itself, the kids’ menu covers the bases more than admirably- ours shared the Chicken goujons with chips (resplendent with real chicken breast), and pasta with tomato sauce, followed by a complimentary scoop of ice cream, which my son took great delight in referring to as his cup of tea due to how served. As for my wife and I, the lamb shank was succulent and bursting with taste, and the fishcakes a veritable benchmark in the best such a monicker could conjure up, all washed down with a carafe of Pulenta Pinot Gris pre espresso and tea for the trip home.

The ability, and genuine willingness of the team at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh to embrace those with children as readily as those without is to be commended. The range of treats on offer is suitably varied and the service understatedly outstanding, making the experience a pleasure from start to finish. Moreover, it is as suited for a quick catch up with friends as a leisurely meal with the extended family, and the prices will be a pleasant surprise. To cap it all, we looked out over the Forth from the balcony as the sun went down and, according to my son at least, the tide came in. A word to the wise, though; if you can make it along sans children, get the cocktail list to boot….











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