Dean Street Townhouse

Dean Street TownhouseIf you are looking for a Saturday or Sunday brunch venue then Dean Street Townhouse is the weekend spot for you. Located in the animated Soho, Dean Street Townhouse offers a cosy atmosphere in this charming Georgian townhouse.

The unpretentious, relaxed environment makes it a great spot for the whole family and the inviting menu serving traditional British roasts as well as comforting all day breakfast dishes is comfort food for both children and adults alike.

Once the home of William Hogarth, Dean Street Townhouse is quintessentially British. StyleNest had a feast and a half and devoured the delicious Ham hock hash with fried duck egg alongside Hereford beef and all the trimmings. For kids and adults, they will love Fish Fingers and Chips from the Afternoon Tea Menu as well as Macaroni and Cheese and Welsh Rarebit and of course the famous melt-in-mouth Townhouse Burger. For dessert, don’t forget to sample the Braeburn Apple Tart with Vanilla ice cream and with coffee one must have some Townhouse Biscuits.

For families, request a corner booth so the kids have room to be kids or if dining solo sit in the comfy velvet upholstered bucket chairs for a more intimate setting. Dean Street Townhouse is open for breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch, dinner and of course cocktails so make sure you sample at least one the menus if not them all.

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Dean Street Town House is located at 96-71 Dean Street, Soho, London, W1D 3SE

High chairs are supplied for tiny tots and messy adult eaters.

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