Lola’s Cupcakes Launch New Chocoholics Box

Lolas Cupcakes BoxChocoholics will be pleased to hear Lola’s Cupcakes have dreamt up a new box of cupcake delights, brimming with chocolatey goodness.

We’ve tried them all, from Easter themed cupcakes sprinkled with sugary Mini Eggs to beautiful sweet treats topped with fresh fruit; Lola’s Cupcakes are a firm favourite here at StyleNest HQ.

And this spring, chocoholics can rejoice as the talented folk in Lola’s Kitchen have come up with a brand new range of cupcakes celebrating all things chocolate.

Each of the six new cupcakes have their own unique filling and flavour, and because they are all individually handmade each one looks as delicious as the next.

For those of you who are partial to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange once in a while, you will love the Chocolate Orange cupcake. The chocolatey orange sponge is topped with ganache and hand decorated with candied orange peel – think cupcakes for grownups.

Next up is the Chili Chocolate cupcake. As the name suggests, this fiery treat comes finished with handmade chili chocolate buttercream and sprinkles of bright red velvet cake crumb to ensure it looks extra hot.

If you’re more of a caramel fan, the Caramel Macadamia cupcake is sure to satisfy, with its classic chocolate base filled with macadamia caramel and topped off with chocolate ganache and caramelised macadamia nuts.

For the most die-hard of chocoholics, the Triple Chocolate cupcake could not come more chocolatey. White, milk and dark chocolate come together in this trio of flavours that’s definitely not for the faint hearted.

Nutella fans will be pleased to hear there’s also a cake filled with the family favourite, chocolately spread, and last but not least and without a doubt our favourite, the Banoffee Cupcake. With a moist banana base, gorgeously gooey caramel center and a topping of mascarpone icing, banana, caramel and of course chocolate; this cupcake hands down wins our vote.

The Lola’s Chocoholics Cupcakes retail at £3.25 a pop, or you can buy them as a collection of six in one of Lola’s famous blue boxes. The hardest part is picking just one. at home? Be sure to check out the StyleNest Recipe channel, full of delicious baking ideas. 

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