Lazy Espresso Martini the Bone Idyll wa

Espresso martinis have long been a cocktail of choice for me, but try as might I could never master it at home. It needs a special type of chilled coffee, and to be honest, I didn’t have the inclination to try to get it right more than once.

But bingo! As if my wishes had come true, I discovered premixed Espresso Martini. Bone Idyll, makers of fine gin, have done the hard work already; and with the excuse of having guests round for a pre-Halloween shenanigans, it seemed the perfect opportunity to crack open my Bone Idyll Espresso Martini, which comes in a memorable bottle, and means no washing up!

I didn’t have to pretend I’d made it, as the bottle was too good to hide, but I got out my 80s Martini glasses and added some ice and bingo! This classic cocktail most definitely deserves its resurgence, and whoever the famous model was who demanded a drink, that would first “wake me up, then fuck me up” is my unrequited icon. Bartender Dick Bradsell obliged by whipping together vodka, coffee liqueur and a shot of freshly pulled espresso, christening the drink “vodka espresso,” but it wasn’t long before it was given the name “espresso martini”.

Having lost its way with the nineties rave scene, when vodka redbulls were the drink du jour, I for one, am pleased that it is making a comeback. Especially with Bone Idyll’s offering, which is ready to serve and is ideal for sharing- or as a tipple to get you in the mood as you’re getting ready. With a selection of other premixed cocktails so you’re party ready for the Christmas season too!

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