Five Minute Meals For Budget Friendly Dinners

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Money struggles have been a big concern for several people for many years now and have shown no sign of slowing down. A recent report had shown that four million British workers are now living in poverty and are struggling to make ends meet by the end of the month. With many families struggling to pay all the bills each month, understanding the importance of finances and what can be done to improve them is more important than ever.  

In addition to this, understanding what payday loans are as well as other forms of emergency loans that are available is also beneficial to the future of British finances as the average household debt now stands at around £15,400 and shows no sign of declining. In order to help you out and create a little bit more room in your budget, we are giving you some of our picks for five-minute meals to keep to budget whilst enjoying outstanding food and working a busy schedule.

Tuna & Avocado Wrap

When working with a tight budget, finding foods that are tasty and nutritious can be a challenge. But a tuna and avocado wrap is the perfect food to eat for lunch and is very cheap to put together. With three simple ingredients from the supermarket, you can have the perfect lunch for you and the kids with no wasted ingredients. This is great as each of the ingredients can be stored and used in other recipes, allowing you to save money on your weekly shop.

Slow Cooked BBQ Beef

If you are working long hours and are looking for a simple yet effective way to cook a beef joint from the freezer, slow cooked beef is the perfect way to do so. This can be placed in the slow cooker all day and placed into a jacket potato to create the perfect budget-friendly meal for all the family. This slow cooked beef can also be prepared for a party and use in sandwiches and several other recipes to ensure that nothing is wasted, and the budget does not become overstretched.

Creamy Chicken And Potato Bake

During the winter months, you want something significantly warmer to fill you up and keep you energized during the early evenings and the creamy chicken potato bake is the perfect way to do so. With all the basic ingredients that are cheap to buy, you can have the perfect family meal without the need for multiple ingredients and hours of preparation. This is a nutritious way of getting all the daily amount of vegetables in a meal that is beneficial for everyone and packed full of flavour. Unlike other recipes, this cannot be saved in the fridge as chicken can be dangerous when left, therefore it is important to only make as much as you need.

Chicken And Mushroom Risotto

Risotto is a family favourite for many since its creation in the 20th century with several variations being created taking the classic ingredients and adding their own. However, a chicken and mushroom risotto is the perfect way of incorporating the protein you need as well as carbohydrates and vegetables for a stable diet of all the main food groups. This is also highly beneficial when heading towards the end of the month as the ingredients are often something that is left in the cupboard and can be put together in a matter of minutes with very minimal fuss.

With each amazing recipe as well as many others available online, sticking to a budget with family-friendly dinners has never been easier. With staple food groups such as potatoes, chicken and other canned and packet ingredients, you can keep each ingredient for a prolonged period without them being spoiled, making this the perfect budget-friendly way of cooking. Which of these will you be trying first?

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