4 Ways To Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Are you thinking about brewing some loose-leaf tea? Find out about the four ways that you can make this happen here in this guide to tea.

High-quality loose-leaf tea can be the perfect addition to your morning routine or even something that you can enjoy before you go to bed each night. Of course, if you have never brewed this kind of tea before, you might not know where to begin.

The good news is that as long as you have the right equipment, you can do make a special ‘brew’ quite easily. Read on to hear about four of the ways that you can brew loose leaf tea at home.


If you head along to your local speciality tea shop, you should be able to pick out a tea strainer while you are there. This is a cup-shaped mesh pouch that you can place inside of your teapot. The basket allows your tea to infuse the water in the teapot so that the tea comes out perfectly every time. The great thing about strainers is that you can remove the tea leaves when it is ready and avoid any leaves making their way in to the pot.


When you buy a classic teapot, you’ll usually find that probably comes with a strainer that has been designed for use with speciality tea. This means that you don’t need to pick up a separate cup strainer and you can make tea in a matter of minutes. When using a teapot with a built-in strainer, you should keep adding hot water after your tea has steeped for a few minutes. Everyone should have a classic teapot in their home. Even if you don’t drink tea regularly, the pot will make a great kitchen ornament accessory.

French Press

Another great way to brew your high-quality loose leaf tea is to invest in a French press. This is something that is typically associated with coffee but it can also work well with tea. Before you get started, you should carefully wash out your French press to ensure there is no more coffee in there. This could affect the overall flavours that you’ll taste when it is ready. Once it is clean, you can put your loose tea leaves in the press and then pour the water over it. After that, you’ll need to push down the metal mesh for maximum infusion and fabulous taste.

Tea Ball

Finally, you could pick up a tea ball if you don’t want to invest in a classic teapot and don’t have a strainer. With a tea ball, you can simply place your loose leaf tea in the metal cage and place it in the water. This is perfect for those who don’t intend on making a lot of tea but still want to enjoy that classic taste. You can find tea balls at many home and kitchen stores.

Get Brewing

Now that you know a bit more about how you can brew your tea, you should get started. You might need to head to the shops to pick up some new equipment but this should get you set up for a long time. Just make sure to pick out some high-quality loose-leaf tea that matches your tastes. There are tons of options with something available for everyone.

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