The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Men’s Winter Coat

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There’s no doubt about it, winter is finally creeping up on us which means it’s officially “big coat” season. It’s probably around this time that you realise your outerwear could do with an update, but with so many styles to choose from, how do you know which one will serve you best?

Buying a men’s winter coat is a big investment and whatever style you choose might even last you a couple of years, so decide wisely! Here we offer you the ultimate guide to buying a men’s winter coat, including what style to choose and how to wear it.

The parka jacket

The parka jacket is the quintessential style of the winter season, and there’s no better place to start when creating your outerwear wardrobe. While first invented by the Inuits, the parka jacket has become a huge part of Brit culture throughout the 1960s Mod phase and Britpop.

It is a style that has been reinvented and re-released almost every winter, and for good reason. Its key features make it incredibly versatile, with a long-line length, relaxed fit and large pockets. Some are even kitted out with a faux fur hood or trim for extra warmth and style.

It can be worn effortlessly over a suit to protect you from the winter commute, or pair with your favourite jeans and knitwear or hoodie for the perfect off-duty look.

The overcoat

If you’re hoping for a smarter style of winter coat, the overcoat has proven itself as the go-to choice. Heritage designs, such as check print, has been popular for numerous seasons and has transcended various styles such as trousers, knitwear and coats. A wool overcoat of this kind also provides a style you won’t get bored of in a hurry.

With the ability to smarten up any outfit, the overcoat can come in many forms; typically long, but with shorter version available, and either single or double-breasted. While it is typically favoured during the working week with trousers and shirt, there is no reason why you can’t throw it over a more casual ensemble.

Darker colours are much more timeless, such as a charcoal grey, but consider where you could incorporate colour such as navy or khaki for something a little different.

The shearling jacket

Shearling jackets have become renowned for being one of the most luxurious and cosiest styles for the winter coat season. It first became a popular style thanks to US pilots in the 1940s, where shearling became associated with aviator jackets, but now there are many different designs to keep things interesting.

Trucker jackets, aviator bomber jackets and even leather jackets work perfectly alongside the soft and warm shearling fabric. With all creating a casual look, the shearling jacket is your go-to for any winter trips you might have planned, or for the day you finally brave the Christmas markets.

The puffer jacket

You have no doubt noticed the influx of technical, streetwear-inspired men’s winter coats over the last couple of years; including the puffer jacket. Down jackets of this kind have well and truly made their mark in the men’s outerwear category, and is now a necessity for those looking for a cooler edge to their look.

What started as a hiking and mountaineering staple can now be worn as an everyday jacket. The puffer jacket can be styled over pretty much anything, from a shirt to a sweatshirt. Look out for bright colours for a more exciting outerwear choice to offset against your smart overcoat and you can begin to build a coat collection with something for every occasion.

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