Open Stores

New London menswear brand seem to have chosen to deal head-on with the elephant in the room. With a few notable exceptions, it’s often beyond tricky to find pieces on a decent price-point which have a proper design aesthetic, attention to detail and aren’t the domain of teenagers and those who have given up the ghost on style altogether. 

For years now our female partners and friends have had the luxury of mixing high-end and high-street with nary a gap between the two, while we have had a gulf in well designed and constructed pieces to put alongside those which could bankrupt us. 

Step forward, then, OPEN for a range of affordable pieces which don’t look like it; which will have you gleeful telling your pals how little, rather than how much they cost as, well, you look fresh in them. Add in a range of super-affordable T-shirts and more, and OPEN should swiftly be a staple for affordable winners in our wardrobes. Launching online this week. 

See slideshow for some of our StyleDen choices from their new AW collection…..

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