OHMME is one of the rarest of brands, where a sense of purpose and vision runs through every facet of what they do. 

First and foremost one could argue that what they do is make cutting-edge, uber comfortable, beautifully designed and functional menswear and accessories for the ever-growing numbers of yogi. Rest assured we’ll celebrate that delightful marriage of aesthetics and practicality with some of the many highlights of their current kit.

However, the ethos and vision of the brand runs much deeper. That in part comes from the ethics they apply to sourcing materials and having their garments made. More pointedly, it runs throughout the team of friends and yogis they choose to showcase, and the narrative that populates their amazing videos, content and social media posts. Follow them on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram

This is clearly a brand with passion and integrity, and so much the better for that. When the wellness bandwagon looks ever more appealing the difference if quality and ethos is abundantly clear. Be you hardened yogi, novice or covert to (the dreadfully named) ‘athleisure’ movement OHMME is a shining light amongst so much cynicism and mediocrity. 

For the fun collection go www.ohmme.com

For their amazing, inspirational videos check out their videos page 

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