In the solar system, the sun remains the head, but the moon is just as important on Earth. The luminous body is characterized by engineering pieces of the moonphase, which record the lunar phase on intricately designed timepieces with great appeal. Even though several people may argue the relevance of this watch complication, modern wristwatch brand Filippo Loreti has launched an excellent collection of moonphase watches that are the dream of every contemporary watch collector.

What is a moonphase watch?

Renowned as the moonphase complication, the moonphase relays the lunar cycle (approximately 29.5 days) on an aperture, often located at the 6 o’clock mark as depicted by the Venice Moonphase Series. Moonphase watches will display the current phase of the moon by hiding non-luminous parts with the aperture. As expected, the intricacy of design may vary, but all Venice Moonphase Series exhibit a similar face, each differing in color, price, or bracelet material. The watch display also features the month’s wheel, days of the week wheel, and days of the month wheel.

The main difference between the moonphase wrist watch and other types is the presence of the moonphase complication in addition to its time-measuring ability. 

How moonphase watches work

Standard moonphase watches, for several decades, had to be turned off once in two years because the standard 59-tooth driving wheels limited their precision. Manual adjustment involved turning it off the watch to keep up with accurate lunar cycle measurement. A disc, containing two identical moons, lies behind the dials of the moonphase. Every 29.5 days, the disc rotates one complete cycle. The curved edges of the dial aperture account for the waxing and waning face of the moon. Assuming there are 59 teeth in gear, a mechanical finger advancing it by one notch every 24 hours, the dial completes a full rotation during a lunar cycle (29.5 x 2 = 59).

By design, the celestial moon isn’t so cooperative because an actual lunar cycle lasts about 29.53 days. The discrepancy of approximation between the actual lunar phase and the measured lunar phase had to be overcome by introducing a more sophisticated design of moon disc driven by 135-toothed gear.

Similarly, Filippo Loreti’s Venice Moonphase series follows the principles of precise and accurate timing. A maximum number of driving wheels in our standard watches imply that your moonphase watch will only need to be off once every 122 years, compared to the usual two years mark. By that time, you’ve most likely passed on our timepiece as an heirloom. This remarkable difference places our merchandise as frontiers in moonphase technology. 

How the moonphase can impact your life

A watch with the moonphase complication project pleasing aesthetics combined with excellent functionality while still exploring the importance of a lunar companion. Despite that the sun’s daily trajectory determines our next meeting schedules and general appointments, the moon highlights significant month events such as due dates, birthdays, and the likes. 

More so, since the moon plays a role in the rise and fall of tides, no one can dispel the benefits of owning a moonphase watch to track lunar cycles. Meanwhile, the admirable Filippo Loreti’s men’s moonphase watch designs further emphasise how you can merge fashion with function. Try the Venice Moonphase Emerald, for example.

How to set the moonphase watch

The real question here is, ‘how do they display the moonphase?’ Visual mimicry is the general style adopted in this regard such that when there is a crescent moon, the same shape is displayed on your watch. The Venice Series, unlike others, does not need manual adjustment as it has been manufactured with high precision and accuracy. All the same, you will see a similar graphics of the moon, plus the month and day of the month. 

Advantages of owning a moonphase watch

A single glance at the Venice Series explains the sophisticated aesthetics, design, and overall quality of the moonphase wrist watch. Imagine being able to wear a fashionable timepiece with a much-needed extra function as the moonphase – it’s called killing two birds with a stone.

  • Venice Moonphase Blue Gold – Just like any other in the Venice Moonphase Series, this wrist watch is the hallmark of the premium quality craftsmanship of the moonphase series. 

It flaunts a 316L stainless steel case for longevity up to 10 years, and the Sapphire Crystal Glass casing for enhanced functionality and sophistication. In addition to its water-resistant nature, it also has a Japanese Miyota 6P00 Movement that measures precise and accurate time.

  • Venice Moonphase Emerald – With stellar green Italian bracelet and silver rim features, this timepiece is neatly engraved by skilled artisans. It is also generously coated with anti-reflective substance so that the display is viewed under different lighting conditions. Bursting with functionality, the moonphase design is found at the 6 o’clock mark and requires no adjustment for use.

General benefits

  • Intricate design – Let’s be candid; the Venice Moonphase range is as stunning as it is functiona. The Venice Moonphase Blue Gold, for instance, is of world-class quality with a striking bezel, irresistible display, and overall high-end design.
  • Iconic engraving – Since we produce our moonphase watches in batches according to order, the sheer uniqueness of strapping on any of our moonphase models will set you apart from the crowd. The Venice moonphase series is also engraved with the Basilica di San Marco to represent our roots and the Filippo Loreti community in general.
  • Heirlooms – Every Filippo Loreti wrist watch is the perfect heirloom, passed on from one generation to another to express the importance of class and quality. 

We have used the Sapphire Crystal as a base material to reinforce our Moonphase series for better protection, water-resistant, and scratch-proof abilities. However, all Venice Moonphase series have specific properties that makes each one ideal for an end-use. When shopping, make your choice by considering the overall function and budget of the watch.

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