Men’s Fashion Guide to Attending Royal Ascot

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Royal Ascot is one of horse racing’s greatest meetings, but it comes with a dress code that can be daunting for those who are unfamiliar with this event. Staff are given some flexibility in how they interpret the dress code, but they only have so much room to do so, so attendees should make every effort to respect the dress code of their enclosure. For men who love horse racing, Royal Ascot will always be the highlight of summer season so here are some tips for how to make a great impression. If you’re interested to take part in betting during the ascot, you can find betting help from Timeform.

The Royal Enclosure

Guests heading to the Royal Enclosure are treated to the very finest food, drink and entertainment so a gentleman’s outfit should be appropriate for the surroundings. The dress code in this enclosure is black or grey morning dress, including a waistcoat and tie but no cravats. Men should also wear a black or grey top hat which should have no personalised features like bands or ribbons, as well as black shoes which should be worn with socks. Elegant attire is the order of the day in this enclosure.

The Queen Anne Enclosure

The Queen Anne enclosure provides excellent views of the racing and has an element of formality, though not to the degree of the Royal Enclosure. It’s the preferred enclosure of many Ascot regulars and the most prominent difference between the two enclosures is that top hats aren’t required here. Aside from the optional headwear, men are required to wear a suit with jacket and trousers which match in colour and pattern, as well as a shirt and tie which must be worn at all times. As with most of the enclosures, socks must be worn with shoes.

The Village Enclosure

The Village Enclosure is still a relatively new feature of the Royal Ascot grounds, having opened in 2017. It caters for racegoers who want to express themselves in a more stylish and contemporary style. The requirement for men in this enclosure is a jacket, full-length trousers and a collared shirt and tie. Bow ties and cravats aren’t allowed – nor are jeans, shorts or trainers. But any men who wish to follow the guidelines of the Queen Anne Enclosure certainly wouldn’t look out of place doing so.

The Windsor Enclosure

This is the most laid-back enclosure and has a great atmosphere and sense of fun, which is reflected in the live music and the dress code of the guests. There’s a relaxed tone to the clothes guests are allowed to wear here, with few restrictions besides no fancy dress or sports tops. That said, it is Royal Ascot, so men are encouraged to dress up and look their best. Smart attire in the form of a shirt and jacket is always a good option but gentlemen here have greater flexibility in how they choose to dress than in the other enclosures, so a coloured shirt or a smart casual jacket are great options.

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