My ‘regular’ work means that I write articles with much less frequency than I would like for the mighty ‘nest.

Moreover, my remit is largely menswear, events and rambling for obvious reasons.

I lay these minor points out to stress how much I love KEMI TELFORD. 

Having bought a few pieces for my wife, daughter and pals with a beautiful hand-written note I got to chatting with the eponymous designer, and felt even more compelled to shine a little light upon the brand, and the ethos behind it.

Save for incredible, unique, beautifully made pieces at an almost unbelievable price-point, the message, and vision of Yvonne/ Kemi shine through as clearly as her pride in all she does, her infectious love for life and the tangible delight she feels when people love her amazing clothes and accessories as much as she does. 

The ethos of creating things she loves, and the organic way her positivity is spreading is as inspirational as the wonderful brand itself, and the way Kemi Telford’s clothes make the wearer feel is a reminder how powerful and transformative fashion can be. 

The pieces here are an introduction to collections which are empowering, engaging, and full of joy. 

Get to know Kemi Telford to brighten your life, and share with somebody you love.

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