Covetable – Paul Smith Signature Stripe Football

Paul Smith FootballDespite the fact that I am Scottish and that our deluded optimism for winning the World Cup peaked in 1978 (and ability to qualify at all waned post 1998), I am aware that there is some pretty large-scale global fitba kicking off this week. 

This, of course, can mean varying of levels of success aesthetics wise; stunning tech, design and limited editions by forward thinking brands, or synthetic fabrics stretched to straining point across the more rotund frames of angry fans slightly past their best the world over.

We wouldn’t advocate using this for a kick-about or a game of kerbie, but Paul Smith comes up trumps yet again with this beautiful limited edition leather football (£199) using his iconic signature stripe to simple but wonderful effect.  

To get your feet on one of Paul Smith’s limited edition footballs, click here.

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