Covetable – Corkicle Canteen

Post-canteen-header1I have to confess that I feel increasingly baffled when I see people carrying plastic water bottles around now. 

Save cutting down on recycling massively, the aesthetic and practical benefits of an insulated water bottle are heard to beat.

As a convert myself I carry a bottle daily; in my bag mid meetings, to and from yoga and (increasingly less) the gym, and they were invaluable on a recent family holiday in Italy.

Put simply, an insulated bottle keeps your drink as hot or cold as when you made it; that for me is the latter, and it stays joyously icy as when I first made it, even in a 31 degree class. 

I’ve recently converted to the fabulous Corkcicle Canteen featured here, as it’s understated good looks conceal amazing function and practicality.

Chuck in whatever sets you up for the day (lemon water or BCAA liquids are favourites for me), add ice to the wide neck and you’re set for 25 hours of niceness like a fancy flask from the future. Far be it from me to suggest that you could stick a bottle of wine in there for emergencies as well…

Sturdy, well-built style and function- that’ll be your Covetable right there. 

Corkcicle Canteen in 3 sizes, from £17.99

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