What Do Your Glasses Say About Your Style?

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Leonardo Cardozo Galves, www.pexels.com

It is likely your glasses will be one of the first things others will notice about you. The shape, style, and colour you choose will ultimately give an insight into your personality and can either complement or detract from your personal style.

If you want your eyewear to accurately reflect your taste and character, you must gain an understanding of the impression your specs will have on others. Keep reading to discover what your glasses are saying about you.

Colourful Frames Ooze Creativity

While there is nothing wrong with donning a pair of black or brown frames, those with a creative eye might prefer to opt for a shade that is a little more bold and bright. As artists love colour, many people will automatically assume you are creative, fun and outgoing when you adorn brightly-coloured eyewear. It can prevent you from blending in with the crowd and will allow you to establish a signature style.

Become a Trendsetter with Thick Frames

If you regularly wear thick black frames, it is likely people will perceive you as a bit of a trendsetter. People who wear this style of glasses often aren’t afraid to make a style statement, which could lead to them being viewed as a hipster. However, if you’re going to wear a thicker frame, you must select a style that complements your face shape.

Aviators Scream Adventurous

Adventurers are believed to be drawn towards aviator glasses. If you wear this style it is likely many people will view you as a risk taker who isn’t afraid to live in the moment. The classic design is also effortlessly cool, so it will prove to others you have a passion for fashion.

Clean Lines Equal Pragmatism

Those who opt for glasses with simple, clean lines, such as rectangular glasses, will appear to be rather detail oriented. Many people will believe you chose the glasses more for function over style, which can make you appear intelligent and pragmatic. It is, therefore, a superb choice for hardworking professionals who want to be taken seriously in their industry.

Round Glasses Reflect a Quirky Nature

Often referred to as Harry Potter frames, round glasses can add a touch of quirkiness to a person’s style. While they are not as popular as they once were, the timeless design will prove to others you have an appreciation for vintage style and aim to stand out from the crowd. The cool frames will make you appear as if you’re from a bygone era.

Exude Style with Browline Glasses

Browline glasses were all the rage back in the 50s and 60s, especially across the United States. The unique designs have since made fashion waves, with trendsetters donning the unusual frames to reflect their personality and style.

Effortlessly chic and sophisticated, browline glasses can make both men and women appear like a city powerhouse. It is the ideal shape and frame for those who want to stand out in both their professional and personal life.

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