Ways to Wear a Midi Dress

Photo Credit: Zun Zun, www.pexels.com

A midi dress is a dress of a length ending around the middle of your lower leg. A midi dress is one of the most versatile dresses you can buy. For that reason, midi dresses are very popular. There are so many ways to wear a midi dress that a single dress can become a staple you reach for all the time, rather than sitting untouched in your closet after you wear it once. At the same time, there is no reason you have to settle for owning just one midi dress. Adding a few to your closet can suddenly multiply your outfit options tenfold. Here are some different ways to wear the same midi dress.

Select a Midi Dress That Seems Versatile

There are some midi dresses out there that might seem like they were designed for specific types of occasions. To select a versatile midi dress you can wear again and again instead, seek out versatile styles. For example, a sleeveless or short-sleeved midi dress is perfect for summer or spring. A long-sleeved midi dress is not. You can continue to wear the short-sleeved dress in cooler seasons as well by pairing it with a jacket. So a single short-sleeved midi can work for most of the year. Choosing a solid-colored midi dress also gives you more options because you are not boxing yourself into one look with a pattern. Solid colors tend to go well with more accessories.

Wear Your Midi Dress with Different Footwear

One way to change up the look of a midi dress is by wearing different footwear each time you wear the dress. Altering your footwear choices also changes how you look in the dress. For example, flats allow you to still show your ankles and give your legs the appearance of a bit more length. Heels provide you with more actual height, but depending on the type and color they can make your legs appear short compared to your body.

Add a Sash or Belt with Your Midi Dress

Another way to change how your midi dress looks is by adding a sash or belt. Cinching the waist helps to highlight it. Adding a belt can also provide a splash of a different color to break up the appearance of a single-color midi dress. If the skirt is of the A-Line type, use of a belt or sash can also draw more attention to it.

Jazz Up Your Midi Dress with Some Jewelry

Another fun way to change the appearance of a midi length dress is by simply wearing some jewelry with it. Select jewelry that is fun and colorful for a night at a club. When attending a formal party or event, try jewelry with a more elegant appearance. A necklace always pairs well with a midi dress. You can also accentuate it with earrings, rings or bracelets.

Add a Sweater or Jacket for Multiple Benefits

In the summer, wear a midi dress without layering. But when the weather gets cooler you may need a sweater or jacket over it to stay warm. A sweater or jacket also adds a splash of extra style to your ensemble. Additionally, switching the jackets or sweaters you wear over a certain midi dress can help you create many unique outfits with the same dress as the base component. 

Turn to Other Accessories to Create a Truly Unique Look

In the fashion world, available accessories are practically limitless. Try pairing your midi dress with a beach hat and sunglasses in the summer. When going to dinner with friends, make sure you choose a nice purse in a color that compliments the dress. Scarves and other accessories can also completely change how your midi dress looks and help you adapt it for any occasion of your choosing.

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