Tips for Chic & Effortless Style

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Trends and fads fade. Classic and effortless fashion does not. While wearing trendy and contemporary accessories can be fun, and help mix up some of your more classic fashion pieces, looking effortlessly chic is always in style. 

Below are some ways to integrate a more timeless look to your wardrobe so that you look put together and fashion-forward, even when you look back on photos years from now 

  • Say yes to navy blue. There’s a reason that black, navy, and white are considered classic. They never go out of style, just like a pair of fantastic-fitting jeans. 
  • Invest in good quality like stud earrings. The reason that people can afford to wear very trendy fashion is because it’s fast fashion, or, more specifically, not high quality. Investing in a pair of high-quality boots, jeans, or a blazer means you’ll get more wear out of it, and will last you much longer than 3 or 4 cheaper options. Check out Whistles reviews for some high-quality effortless fashion options. 
  • Start with basics, then layer. Layering can add a more contemporary look but doesn’t need to be extreme. Throwing on an updated scarf over your white button-up shirt and tailored jeans can transform your look, but still look effortless. 
  • Actually be effortless. The appeal of effortless fashion is that it seems easy. If you’re overthinking it, you’re losing out on the appeal. Simple is better. Don’t over-accessorise. Think about how to minimise your wardrobe, not maximise it. Purchase things you will wear repeatedly in various ways. 
  • Wear natural fabrics. Cotton and linens breathe easily, crease less, and feel better to move in. A well-made linen shirt is great for a coffee date, a walk in the park, working in the garden, or just lounging on the couch. Versatility is key when considering effortless style. 
  • Be true to yourself. If you think that you will just never love the navy-black-white colour theme, don’t wear it. It will look forced, and anything but chic. 
  • Wear clothes that fit. When you are constantly fidgeting or pulling at your waistband, your clothes wrinkle, don’t look becoming, and you look less confident. If your aim is effortlessness, then wear clothes that fit your body that you feel comfortable wearing. Don’t assume because a dress looks effortless on one woman that it will look the same on you. Play with fashion and get to know what truly looks best on your figure.
  • Consider the weather. Wearing too hot of clothing will leave you sweating and disheveled. Exposing extra skin in winter will leave you shivering and looking like you just need a hot cup of tea. Wear clothes that appropriately match the occasion, without overdressing. 
  • Abide by the three-colour rule. This straightforward rule is to wear three colours, or two colours and a print. Any more than that and your outfit can seem a little jumbled.  
  • Go with the print. Establish what kinds of prints you wear, whether it’s floral, polka dot, or stripes – or a print colour theme. This will make mixing and matching outfits easier without overthinking. 

Effortless fashion should be simple. If you’re overthinking it, check out some Pinterest pages, look at your existing wardrobe, and take inspiration from some of your favourite actresses or celebrities.  

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