Things To Consider When Buying A Stylish Backpack

A backpack is a loyal companion that accompanies you on different adventures and excursions. The freedom to carry various objects while keeping the hands free has made this accessory a staple in different wardrobes and fashion ensembles. But this doesn’t mean that you should pick any backpack you see in the market.

Whether you’re heading to the peak of Mt. Everest, or you’re going to buy food at the local supermarket, you need to wear the right backpack for the occasion. Moreover, sporting a stylish bag should be a part of your daily fashion plan.

So, continue reading to know the things to consider when buying a stylish backpack for different traveling scenarios.


The style won’t matter if you’re not carrying a comfortable bag. The backpack shouldn’t put additional strain on your back and shoulders. Good backpacks may make you feel that you’re not carrying anything.

If possible, try the backpack before purchasing it. Wear it for a few moments and feel the material in the back and straps. Also, think about the things that you’re going to put in the bag. Ensure that those items won’t be poking out of the material, which may otherwise cause injuries.

Some of the elements to consider when thinking about backpack comfort include:

  • Shoulder straps: Buy a bag with adjustable and padded shoulder straps. These features help the accessory to sit on your shoulders comfortably, reducing pressure and strain on your back.
  • Padded backs: Backpacks with contoured and padded backs help the material follow the natural shape of the lower back. In turn, the bag “sits” on the natural arch of the back, reducing discomfort significantly.
  • Hip belts: Padded hip belts help eliminate some of the weight from the back and shoulders. Bags with this feature allow you to carry heavier loads than normal for extended periods.

At this point, you may ask, “What has comfort got to do with style?”

Imagine carrying an uncomfortable bag; the bag may look stylish, but your face will show annoyance and discomfort. Being fashionable means exuding confidence and displaying that trait may be challenging if you’re not wearing a comfortable backpack.

The Brand

Make no mistake several bags in the market are of inferior quality. If you want to play safe, purchase a backpack manufactured by an established brand.

One example is Himawari, which is a backpack brand designed for the on-the-go woman. This brand has been around the industry for a relatively long time. Several customers relish every moment when they bring their Himawari bags on their trips.

One bag from this brand to note is the Holly Doctor. Holly Doctor has features like a waterproof canvas, 23-litre capacity, and over 20 style options. Thus, this bag can complement different daily fashion ensembles, particularly if you’re traveling to another city.

Buying a backpack from an established brand helps assure that you’re going to purchase a quality item. Conversely, buying from unknown brands with little to no positive feedback is a risky gamble. You may save money, but the bag may not last long.


Different backpack styles fit specific purposes. Some backpacks are ideal for short weekend trips, whereas other models are excellent for hiking across mountain trails.

Wearing the wrong backpack will make you encounter problems. For example, bringing a day pack for a 5-day outdoor adventure won’t let you carry the items you may need. Moreover, the chances are that you’re going to look silly. It’ll be clear that you thought more about fashion than function when choosing the bag.

Remember, the style won’t be complete without function. Hence, you should pick a backpack that’ll complement your current style, and provide convenience, flexibility, and value.

Before choosing a stylish backpack, you need to understand the purpose of purchasing the item. Here’s a quick overview of the different backpack types:

  • Hiking Backpack: These bags are ideal for carrying objects for long distances. Choose a pack that’s both durable and lightweight to handle sudden weather changes during the outdoor adventure.
  • Wheeled Backpack: This is ideal for exploring different cities and towns on foot. Travelers can use the wheels to stroll the bag on flat surfaces. Don’t attempt to use the wheels off-road, as doing so will damage these parts.
  • Day Pack: This backpack is relatively small as it tends to have a maximum capacity ideal for single-day trips. Day packs are excellent for going to school, heading to the office, or traveling within the city.

You can also find backpacks for commuting and weekend breaks. Ensure that you’re backpack choice coincides with the purpose of your purchase. You should be sporting a fashionable and functional accessory fit for the occasion.


The fabric choice for your next backpack will say a lot about your style. Some fabrics may present a luster comparable to silk. Conversely, other materials show matte finishes for that discreet yet fashionable look.

Some of the backpack fabrics you may find are:

  • Cordura: This fabric is abrasion and water-resistant. Famed by different users because of its durability, backpacks sporting this material can resist harsh elements easily. But take note that Cordura is quite heavy, which means it may not be suitable for long trips.
  • Cotton Canvas: An excellent choice for backpack users who prioritise comfort, cotton canvas is a lightweight material found in many day packs. However, it may bring different caveats to the table, including the tendency to rot when stored.
  • Nylon: Are you going on an outdoor excursion to an area with a damp climate? If so, consider choosing a nylon backpack. Nylon is a waterproof material made with either polyurethane or PVC coating.
  • Rip-Stop Nylon: A variation of nylon, rip-stop nylon has durable threads sewn to create multiple layers of the material. The thick fabric presents better abrasion and water resistance than many conventional nylon bags.
  • Polyester: Backpacks made from this fabric may not be as durable as nylon or rip-stop nylon. But this material has a higher resistance to ultraviolet (UV) degradation. While nylon bags are great for damp areas, polyester backpacks are excellent for locations with hot climates.

Consider wearing a backpack with material that matches your current fashion ensemble. For instance, a cotton canvas bag should go well with cotton clothing.

Note that fashion can be all about consistency unless you know how to group different style items to form a contrasting yet fashionable set. If you want to play it safe, ensure that your backpack’s material matches the fabric of your current clothes.


Size matters when choosing a stylish backpack. Consider the items you’ll be bringing with you on the trip while shopping for the ideal bag. Otherwise, your backpack will not be able to carry all the stuff that you may need during your trip.

Here’s a quick list of backpack sizes and capacities:

  • Small: 6 to 10 liters
  • Day packs: 10 to 30 liters
  • Medium: 30 to 50 liters
  • Large: over 50 liters

Small backpacks tend to be excellent choices for kids or as sports bags. Next, day packs are excellent for outdoor trips within the day, as its name implies. Medium-sized packs are great for camping, hiking, or overnight backpacking trips. Large rucksacks are for travellers who won’t be going back home for more than a few days.


Do you want your backpack to have many zippers and compartments? Perhaps you’re leaning towards using a bag with a clean, minimalist look. Either way, the number of features of your chosen backpack will dictate your sense of style.

Some of the features you may have in mind are:

  • Water resistance
  • Easy-to-clean material
  • Torso adjustability and size
  • Side water bottle holders
  • Sleeping bag compartment
  • Front organiser pockets

Note that your chosen backpack shouldn’t only be stylish, but it should have features that suit your activities. For example, if your primary mode of transportation is riding a bicycle, opt for a waterproof backpack made of nylon or rip-stop nylon. If you need a bag for college or short hikes, a cotton canvas backpack with a side water bottle holder may be a suitable choice.


Invest by buying a high-quality backpack. You may save a few bucks by purchasing a cheap pack. But you may be taking a big risk by buying a bag made from inferior materials.

Think about it; you’re walking along the street with your head high as you’re flaunting your new inexpensive backpack. However, your confident face turns into an expression of horror as the material rips suddenly, causing your stuff to fall and scatter on the ground.

Although the price is an important factor in purchasing stylish backpacks, it’s not the “Be-All and End-All” reason to invest in a high-quality bag. Instead, consider your budget and search for a quality backpack within that range. Remember, the pack you choose should last for years, and not a few days or weeks.


Choose a backpack that’s both functional and fashionable. Consider selecting a model with excellent comfort, perfect size, and affordable price. Many such essential factors are discussed above. If you’re not in a hurry, take the time to search around the market to ensure that you get excellent value for money from the purchase.

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