The Revolutionary Personalised Bracelets.

Create and own revolutionary personalised bracelets with the help of the incredibly detailed design studio in Nomination Italy. 

With Christmas not so far away, what if we told you that you could design your own bracelet at the Nomination Italy website? It certainly sounds amazing to be able to create a gift from the scratch that displays your creativity and style through and through. When you know that it is also very easy to make, the offer becomes a no brainer. Without further ado, let’s find out the details of creating personalised bracelets at Nomination.

An Iconic Piece of Jewellery

Back in 1980, the experienced Florentine Goldsmith, Paolo Gensini came up with an incredible modular design idea that revolutionised the jewellery world. He wanted to give people the ability to design a truly unique, memorable piece of bracelet that is only their own.

The result is the birth of Composable links, which are primarily made with stainless steel and comes with an ingenious spring mechanism for interchangeability. It’s a legendary innovation that is perfectly suitable for the modern-day trend of detailed personalisation. It is also an iconic piece of jewellery that can be changed, reshaped, and extended as you please, according to your mood, personal taste, and outfit.

Make Your Own Personalised Bracelet

With the help of technology, Nomination has created an easy-to-use design studio on their website. Using it, you can create your bracelet with a few clicks, sitting at the comfort of your home. Everything from the base width to the tiniest of details can be chosen based on your particular needs.

Base Width and Lengths: You can start with choosing the most basic elements of your bracelet – the width and the length. The classic base is thinner, while the big base is wider. When it comes to length, you can choose between 15-23 links, along with a junior length option.

Materials and Colours: Most of the links of the bracelet are made using high-quality stainless steel. Then they are decorated with the coating of rose gold, yellow gold, and adorned with hanging charms and sparkling Zirconia. The main colour options include silver, golden and black, while other colours like green, red, blue are used for appropriate signs and symbols.

Various Different Themes: To make it suitable every important occasion, passions or memorabilia; Nomination studio offers hundreds of pre-designed links that are categorised in mainly six different themes. The designs are themed based on occasions like Christmas, a special relationship like Friends, Family and Love, hobbies like travels and favourite animals.

Custom Engravings: While choosing the links for your personalised bracelets, you can also opt for some Composable links which can be engraved with your preferred letter, symbol, or message to make an event or person truly memorable.

To conclude, whether you choose a 15-links or a 23-links bracelet, each of the links are interchangeable for hundreds of different compositions, which makes it a new one every day of the year.

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