The Comeback of Plaid and How to Wear It

Photo Credit: unsplash

There is no doubt that plaid and tartan will come back into fashion again and again. It has been in fashion over and over for hundreds of years, and every so often fashion brands and magazines from around the world will hail the comeback of plaid.

In short, plaid is not a trend. It is a timeless piece. You never have to feel worried about buying a few beautiful plaid pieces because they are a classic that keeps coming back. As a pattern they are timeless, in terms of color they are fun.

The only question you should be asking yourself when it comes to plaid is not whether or not you should invest, but rather what garment or accessory you want to let your Scottish flair fly.

1. The Classic Checked Skirt

The classic checked skirt is a classic for a reason. Originating first as a kilt, this heritage worthy piece is now a fan favorite amongst fashionistas from all walks of life. Perfect for the princess as much as it is perfect for the biker chic look, the classic checks (tartan, plaid, or otherwise) skirt is a must for all wardrobes.

2. Pattern Your Coats

Pick up a plaid jacket or coat, and you can wear your plaid garment proudly. Wear it in fall and winter for an instantly homely and cozy feel, or wear a bright pastel or neon coloured plaid coat in spring and summer for a fresh look.

3. Touch of Plaid in Your Shoes

Get plaid heels, plaid flats, plat boots – the list goes on. For a touch of plaid, shoes are a great place to turn to.

4. The Comeback of the Flannel Shirt

The 90s are back in a big way this year, which is why it’s no wonder we’ve seen a reemergence of the plaid flannel shirt. Wear it with high waisted jeans and a retro jacket from JACK1T for a casual city look, or tie it at your waist for an undeniably cute farm-girl inspired outfit.

5. Tartan Classic Scarves

Tartan scarves are such a hit, and they’re not just for fall and winter, either. Get a silk plaid scarf and tie it to your hair or purse for a summer-ready hint of plaid.

6. The Matching Plaid Pieces

From a matching outfit to a suit, plaid is a great pattern for something different. Turn heads with your coordination, but remember to check materials. A plaid suit can be a great summer edition to your wardrobe, but you will want to make sure it’s made up of breathable material.

7. The Dungaree or Dress

Dungarees and slip dresses – two key pieces from the 90s – can also have the plaid pattern and look great when worn.

8. As a Statement Purse

The plaid look on purses is timeless and elegant. Go for the neutral favorite or go bold with a neon, fun purse great for adding a pop to any outfit.

9. Minimally as a Headband

Headbands are also a great 90s comeback, and with a pretty plaid pattern, you can easily add a touch of this great heritage piece to your everyday outfit no matter where you are going.

Plaid, or tartan, or whatever you call it, is a heritage piece, so invest in a great garment or accessory today and enjoy wearing it again, and again, and again.

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