It’s Time to Stop Shelving Your Heels During Bad Weather

Have you ever stood in front of your closet and skipped over your heels because it was raining? Have you given up on a great deal because you didn’t know how to take the risk of wearing suede in the snow? What about wearing ugly galoshes with your suit to a meeting because you have to get there on a rainy day? Well, if you have encountered these situations, then a new shoe cover from Patten Place is the answer to your prayers.

We bring to you the most stylish, ahead of its time, and versatile shoe cover for heels—Pattens. This sleek booty is the only way to compromise on your choice of shoes. The unique design can be worn over most high heels 2.5 to 4.5 inches high. Designed by a founding duo who’s passionate about helping women wear their statement style whatever the weather.

Founders Sara Gillespie and Leigh Ann Warner were tired of compromising their shoe selection every time bad weather threatened. One dreary November morning in 2016, they discussed the idea of creating a shoe cover for women that was stylish and versatile, and Pattens was the result. Beginning with a successful Kickstarter campaign, Pattens went direct to consumers via their website in April 2020.

Their goal is simple: they want women to wear the heels they want, when they want, whatever the weather.

One half of this dynamic duo, Sara Gillespie, explains why she and Leigh Ann Warner developed Pattens: “Our target market are high heel-loving women of any age. We love our clientele because of their uncompromising attitude and their desire to wear the heels they want, when they want, whatever the weather! They share in our vision that there should be a practical, convenient and stylish solution to cover and protect all your favourite heels.”

If we haven’t gotten your attention yet, here are some more reasons to simplify your decision:

All-weather compatibility

Pattens are perfect for every weather. Whether it is snowing, raining or you just don’t want your heels exposed to the Tube’s funky floor, these will serve your purpose every time. You do not have to worry about your suede or polished heels getting damaged when you have Pattens to cover them up.

These are stylish

Pattens were developed with the requirements and demands of aesthetics and colour in mind. Pattens are stylish on their own and wearing them will enhance your outfit rather than detract from its beauty.


Pattens are versatile and you can accessorise them with multiple outfits. The sleek design of the booty means they look great with any style.


Pattens are durable and they will last you a lifetime. A good accessory is an investment.

Look for even more versatility as the company grows, Leigh Ann says. “We have a very detailed five-year plan incorporating more styles, colours, and drama. Our hope is to replace the word galosh with Patten as a stylish, reimagined version of a shoe cover. We want to hear people say, ‘It looks like rain, I’m going to bring my Pattens with me today!’”

Find Pattens online and follow their social media channels to find out when they announce new products.

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