How to Look Chic on a Summer Holiday

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Everyone wants to look and feel their best on holiday. The clothing you pack, accessories you take, and the grooming steps you make can each determine your style and self-esteem throughout your fun getaway.

If you want to ensure your confidence is soaring when stepping onto a plane or lounging on a beach, take a look at this helpful advice on how to look chic on a summer holiday.

Wear Cool Sunglasses

Every traveller should have a cool pair of sunglasses in their luggage if travelling to a warm destination. Not only can they protect your eyes from the sun, but the right shades can look effortlessly stylish when stepping onto a plane, strolling along the beach or relaxing by the pool. You also can treat yourself to cool designer sunglasses from the likes of Gucci, Superdry, and Prada.

Pack a Leather Jacket

Even if you are travelling to a tropical destination, you should pack a leather jacket in your suitcase. As the nights can turn a little chilly once the sun goes down, a leather jacket will appear more fashionable than a boring cardigan. Plus, you can pair it with a t-shirt or a summer dress.

Accessorise Like a Pro

The key to effortless style is to pack basic clothing items and invest in high-quality, colourful accessories, which will allow you to create different looks during a holiday. For example, a statement necklace will help an evening dress to pop, while a floppy hat can make a casual outfit to the beach appear chic and sophisticated.

The Perfect Fit

Many holidaymakers make the mistake of buying clothing that is one size too small for their body, which they believe could encourage them to lose weight prior to a break away.

However, you must only ever buy clothing that fits your body before heading off on a relaxing getaway, which will ensure it suits your shape and style. Otherwise, you might force yourself into garments that fail to flatter your body and make you feel uncomfortable.

Buy a Cute Coverup

Rather than pulling a creased t-shirt and shorts from your beach bag on holiday, buy a cute coverup that will make you appear undoubtedly stylish. For example, once you’ve finished lounging in the sun or swimming in the sea, you can adorn a colourful tunic designed for the beach, which will make your overall look appear pulled together. Plus, it will feel great against your sun-kissed skin.

Take Control of Your Hair

Unfortunately, your hair might look more than a little messy after taking a dip in the pool or swimming in the ocean. To help you quickly recover your locks, carry a brush and detangling comb in your beach bag, which can help you eradicate unruly knots and frizz. You can then brush your hair back and place it in either:

  • A top knot
  • Loose braid
  • Messy bun
  • Loose ponytail

If you follow the above tips, you can guarantee you’ll feel chic and comfortable from start to finish of your summer holiday.

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