With our thoughts turning to protecting the planet more and more, it’s no wonder that our clothes have come under scrutiny. It’s no joke – the fashion industry is the second most environmentally damaging industry with staggering levels of waste, emissions and environmental damage and we as consumers have the power to change this.

Some simple measures are choosing natural over synthetic fibres, avoiding fast fashion, buying less and buying better, and ultimately taking care of the clothes that we already own

Gone are the days where we buy fast fashion which we wear one season, or perhaps just once as our whim takes us, and the price affords. Nowadays, we are looking to invest in pieces that will be timeless and classic and can be worn again and again, and natural fibres, although more delicate, last much longer in the long run, they just need TLC.

It’s always been a treat to choose a piece of cashmere- an investment purchase, which feels like you’re draped in angel wings! And, often you will wear your cashmere cardigan, sweater or scarf to death. That’s where the Cashmere Circle comes in. Acting as Guardians of your precious wool, the company was founded by knitwear designer Belinda Dickson, and Ross Powell with a mission to help luxury fashion move to a circular economy model- promoting make do and mend. After all, why should you give up your favourite items of clothing when they have natural damage or have just lost their lustre.

Cashmere is a very delicate fabric, and is a popular target for moths, but the experts at Cashmere Circle have been carefully trained in traditional skills to invisibly mend holes, remove stains and revive natural yarns, so your item is reinstated to its stylish best.

The Spa service offers specialist garment washing, de-pilling and a full steam to remove odours and impurities; whilst the TLC package will invisibly mend, de-pille, gently wash and lightly press and return your precious garment in a complementary moth-proof storage bag ready to wear or store.

If any of the holes are beyond the magic of invisible mending (generally larger than a 10p coin), don’t fear, as the professional team can always suggest a solution, such as patching with a complimentary leather, but they will call you to discuss all options before going any further.

Celebrating the craftsmanship in cashmere, the Cashmere Circle lives up to its circular name and ensures that nothing goes to waste by upcycling any item that is  beyond repair. Check out the site for a sustainable range of items for sale made from 100% cashmere offcuts, which have been reimagined from garments that have been lovingly washed, cut and re-made to create a  collection of  original baby items and accessories.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one, no job is too big or too small for the friendly team of experts.

Find out more on the website here: Cashmere Circle

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