How to Build the Perfect Underwear Wardrobe

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Your lingerie wardrobe shouldn’t be an afterthought; after all, the underwear you choose can make or break your outfit for the day ahead. It acts as the foundation for your clothing, and can boost or ruin your confidence and comfort levels. Ladies’ knickers should be a thing of beauty and quality.

With that in mind, building the perfect underwear wardrobe can be something that does wonders for your style. If you’re hoping to give your underwear an overhaul, here are some tips and advice to get you started.Decide what underwear you really need

It’s easy to overdo it on dozens of pairs of knickers, what with all the choice in colour, fabric and style. Take some time to consider whether you are sacrificing quality for quantity, and decide how many pairs you really need to get you through the week.

The truth is that you probably need a lot less than you realise, which means you can probably get away with spending a little more on a few high quality pairs. It sounds tough, but be selective with your new underwear choices.

Throw out old pairs or anything that is worn out or uncomfortable to wear; they are just taking up space!

Make sure you have the essentials

Everyday underwear wardrobe needs the everyday essentials, so making sure you have those is important. Ensure you invest in high-quality knickers that fit you well and can be worn under almost anything, whether it be jeans, dresses or skirts.

Remember which materials and styles you love but ensure they are also the styles you will reach for without hesitation and take no persuasion to put on. Consider lightweight, soft materials, simple lace trims and classic brief styles that allow you to grab and go on a busy morning.

Choose special pieces for special occasions

Your underwear wardrobe should reflect your clothing choices, with styles for every day as well as styles for special occasions! Make sure your underwear choices reflect your clothing; for example, if you wear a lot of form-fitting dresses, make sure you have underwear with seamless features that minimise visible lines.

These functional pieces should be balanced with beautiful styles, so be sure to look out for beautiful fabrics or colours that make you feel good about yourself.

Store and wash your underwear correctly

Once you have invested in new pieces and updated your lingerie wardrobe, it’s key to remember that looking after your underwear properly can add longevity to the style and appearance.

Consider organising your underwear drawer according to occasion or colour; this way you won’t be rummaging amongst all sorts and leaving your underwear in one big bundle!

Washing your underwear at the correct temperature and on the right cycle can also ensure they last longer. Always let your underwear dry naturally; never in the dryer or hung on a radiator. Avoid hot temperatures and be sure to hand wash anything that is particularly delicate.

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