How Loungewear has Soared in Popularity over the Last Couple of Years

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While the desire to stay at home might seem like a very recent development, the fact is that more and more of us have been taking more time to relax in the home than ever before, and this trend has been going on for a while. Many of our hobbies, like yoga, reading, meditation and Netflix, can be performed from home – and many of us will be taking this newfound spell of isolation to discover new hobbies.

Now, in order to do all of this, we’ll need to invest in appropriate loungewear – because we’ll quickly wear our existing stuff into the ground. The fashion in recent years has been toward items that you can lounge around in, but which also look good enough to wear when you’re out and about. Obviously, if fewer of us are going out and about, then it stands to reason that the demand will swing rather quickly in the other direction: we want items that are durable and comfortable, perhaps above all other considerations.

What is Self-Care?

Many readers, and in particular millennials, might be familiar with the term ‘self-care’. This movement is concerned, as you might imagine, with people taking the time to recuperate after the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. You might draw a nice warm bath, light a few scented candles, or meditate for a few minutes a day.

We can expect this particular trend to explode in popularity over the coming months, as the need to cope with mental fatigue becomes more imposing than ever.

Sleepwear falls into this category. A set of luxury pyjamas isn’t just something you’ll be sleeping in, but something you’ll be spending most of the morning in – if not longer. Today, you might find pyjamas that look and feel so luxurious that they might as well be shirts; women’s trousers that can be worn to the shops and on the sofa; and hoodies that, far from being bobbled and nasty-looking, are on a par with some of the highest standards in fashion.

Of course, there’s reason to be cautious when we predict an explosion in loungewear. Over the last few years, there has been an increasing need to separate home life from work life. And now that so many of us are working from home, it’s easy to see how maintaining this gap might be difficult, and it isn’t immediately obvious how this problem will be dealt with. What is clear is that in the short-term, we could all stand to purchase some new stuff to wear around the house – if for no other reason than to make ourselves feel better about the situation.

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