Giesswein 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic Ballet Flats

Having reviewed the (still a firm favourite) Giesswein Merino Wool Trainers last year- I was excited to try their Ballet Flats too. 

The Austrian brand was created with both quality and sustainability as their main focus, and as a result Giesswein have a 0% wasted material policy, also ensuring 100% use of renewable resources. With the main goal being to both use and reuse resources thoughtfully, throughout the entire before, during and after production process, they look to new technologies too.

With the Ballet Flats, this means recycled ocean PET plastic makes up the shoe, joined by a 100% biodegradable sole. With environmental responsibility at the heart of Giesswein, these eco-friendly flats are supremely comfortable too.

Available in both a pointy and round option, they are priced at £116 and you’ll find a brilliant variety of colour picks too. These include: black, yellow, pink, coral, grey, dark blue, turquoise, white, black gold and navy silver. Plus, animal print choices cover the zebra-esque anthracite and leopard nut brown, which immediately caught my eye.

Naturally I then plumped for a pointy nut brown pair, and having measured my feet in accordance with the Giesswein guide, they fit perfectly. In addition, the pointed flats use an innovative fit system comprising a regular insole and a second insole. The second one enables sizing tweaks. As well as saving the hassle of buying shoes which are too big or small, by doing this the brand are able to reduce the number of returns which means less environmental impact also.

The first thing I noticed about my new shoes was how lightweight and comfortable they are. Super chic, they feel luxurious to wear, whatever your outfit. Although at home due to our current circumstances, I kept them on all day without any pinching or rubbing- and have worn them continuously ever since. An elegant lift, especially with the extent of my social life a quick trip to the supermarket, these beautiful shoes instantly boost your mood.

And, the best bit? They are both 100% water repellent and washing-machine friendly, making them an ultra-wearable wardrobe must-have.

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