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There is always a heated debate about whether you really need special maternity clothes during pregnancy or whether it is enough to simply buy bigger clothes.

In reality, however, pregnancy clothing offers many direct benefits that larger clothing does not. In this article we explain why maternity clothes are indispensable and at what point you need them.

Why do you need maternity wear?

In the course of pregnancy, the female body changes to a far greater extent than you might imagine. Not only the pregnancy belly and a general weight gain are concomitant symptoms. Breast size also increases and the way we move changes. These circumstances are highly demanding on the clothes we wear.As pregnancy progresses, your everyday jeans become too small. The tight waistband disturbs the abdomen, while the waistband wears out and destroys the jeans for after pregnancy. You no longer feel comfortable with your growing curves and lose your favourite jeans over it. Pregnancy jeans, on the other hand, offer the growing baby bump more space and sit comfortably throughout the pregnancy.

Wearing comfort and the well-being that depends on suitable clothing are certainly the main reasons for pregnancy clothing. But it also makes sense from an orthopaedic point of view. While a pregnant woman wearing the wrong clothes may adopt a relieving posture that can lead to increased backache, she enjoys flexibility and relief when wearing suitable clothes.

People often argue against maternity clothes because of the cost. Why spend money on special clothes for the short period of pregnancy? Nine months doesn’t sound like much at first, but you have to consider that you invest nine months of comfort for yourself and your child. In addition, nine months can be a long time if you increase symptoms such as back pain by wearing the wrong clothes.In addition, good maternity wear doesn’t have to be expensive. There are some fashion labels that offer affordable and high-quality maternity wear. If you want to save on maternity clothes, buy clothes that grow with you. For example, there are clothes that can be made bigger depending on your girth. Styling is not neglected these days either, as maternity wear can be just as en vogue as normal clothes!

When do you need maternity clothes?

When a mother-to-be needs maternity clothes depends on the individual development during pregnancy. While some women gain weight quickly, others may not notice a change in their figure until mid-pregnancy.

However, since this cannot be said before the first pregnancy, it is better to be prepared to need appropriate clothing at an early stage. As early as the 8th week of pregnancy, you should expect that your normal clothes will slowly start to become uncomfortable because they cut in and pinch. Even your favourite bra and tighter-fitting shirts and dresses can quickly make the mother-to-be feel uncomfortable. And that is exactly what should not happen during pregnancy!

Which maternity clothes do you need?

While some dressing rooms threaten to burst due to overcrowding, others get by with a minimalist capsule of a wardrobe. Of course, the need is individual. However, there are some items of clothing that you should definitely have during pregnancy.

Pregnancy trousers are one of the most important items of clothing. Whether jeans, chinos or jeggings: they all have elastic cuffs and usually a side closure so that nothing stands in the way of wearing comfort.

A pregnancy belly support band relieves the back and supports the growing pregnancy belly. Whenever the outfit you are currently wearing does not contain a belly band, it should be worn.

Depending on the time of pregnancy, shirts, blouses, tunics, jumpers and jackets become necessary. There are pieces that can be worn throughout pregnancy.

What must not be forgotten under any circumstances is suitable underwear. Panties with a wide, soft waistband that does not cut in and a pregnancy bra are indispensable!

No special pregnancy clothing, but still just as important: shoes or sandals with a good footbed! It not only relieves the back, but also supports the feet when carrying the growing weight.

With any clothing, attention should be paid to the materials used in order to keep pollution as low as possible. For many of the leading fashion houses, this is already a basic requirement.

As we can see, it doesn’t take much to be perfectly equipped during pregnancy. Because even with the most important basics, you can achieve maximum wearing comfort and get through pregnancy relaxed and chic.

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