Do men worry about their style more than women?

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Buying a new outfit can be a daunting experience with seemingly flawless celebrities gracing our phone screens on Instagram, Facebook and the rest. Suddenly it’s not just idols like David Beckham that men look to for style inspiration but rapidly there are more and more lifestyle actors from the likes of The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) and Made in Chelsea (MIC) who are challenging the way men dress in a big way. Here, you can find some tips on how to keep up, look dapper and invest in the best so you can look as tidy as Joey Essex on a Saturday night out on the town.

The men versus women debate

The trouble with men is that they don’t discuss fashion with their mates and they don’t really go shopping unless they’re dragged along by their partner so in essence, choosing a new outfit can be a bit daunting. The Daily Mail found that men get bored after just 28 minutes of shopping, whereas women will go for a good two hours before they want something to eat – and then they’re likely to carry on! Women can also get away with wearing something a bit wacky without all their friends giving them a load of stick; men on the other hand face risking a night full of banter if they wear something unusual. Let us help you worry less and find your own style in these next few tips.

Investing in the best

Well-known and established brands are worth those extra pennies. A good reputation usually means good quality and the clothes often maintain their value if you need to make room for more and sell a few things on Ebay. Clues Fashion offers some great brands from timeless classics such as Ellesse to renowned high quality denim from G-Star. If you’ve got a slightly bigger budget – lucky you – take a look at Mr Porter. As well as high-end brands you can look through The Journal which is their weekly magazine giving you ideas on how you can dress to impress.

Finding your own style

Luckily for men, fashion today hasn’t really changed throughout the ages – in fact a well-tailored suit has been a popular look since the early 19th century! So, when men think about shopping it’s more of a long-term investment unlike women who could buy a lovely pair of leather trousers only for them to go out of fashion the following year. So spend wisely and check things like blazers for 100% wool and if you can – buy British.

Don’t worry about it

As much as you invest in clothes and worry about whether you’re wearing the current trends, the most attractive thing you can do is be comfortable in your own skin. Confidence shines through and makes an outfit work! The Joey Essex’s of the world might just always look great because they’re happy, confident and content with who they are. So whatever you wear, finish that outfit off with a healthy dose of confidence.

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