April Showers

Spring has officially sprung, the clocks have sprung forward, the bulbs are out, the mornings are brighter and the evenings lighter, it is time to shed our winter layers and embrace our spring wardrobe…but wait we live in the UK not LA,  so the ever present threat of rain is never far away and we are faced with  the age old dilemma of warmer temperatures but still the need for a coat.

Enter the trusty trench coat, a wardrobe staple if ever there was one. Named so, as they were worn extensively in the trenches in the first world war, as the coat needed to be waterproof and warm but not too bulky. The Burberry is of course the most iconic and well known of them all,  but is also an investment piece and not one that everyone’s budget can stretch to.

For that reason,  I am LOVING this twist on the classic from Boohoo at ebay.co.uk which is a much less costly option and manages to combine several trends  in one… Snakeskin? Tick. Vinyl? Tick? Done and Done. Animal print was all over the catwalk and is here to stay and is a less “out there” way to incorporate animal print into our look than say leopard print.

I am an 8-10 and opted for a size 10 as Boohoo tend to be on the smaller side so I’d advise you to size up, it also comes with a matching belt so you can add definition to the waist area and create that oh so fabulous hourglass silhouette. You could also add your own leather belt if you wanted for an edgy twist. No pockets, which for some might be an issue but I think they can add unnecessary bulk with a coat so I am happy with both.

This little gem will see you through those April showers and beyond and leaves you with some extra pennies for those Lindt Easter goodies too…win win no?

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