5 Top Hacks To Enhance Your Online Shopping Experience

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As time goes by, and due to the unpleasant situation we are in, people avoid going to the malls for a shopping spree and rely mostly on shopping online. Since it is growing so fast, it is predicted that it will reach 4 trillion online shoppers by 2020

The opportunity to shop from the comfort of our home is appealing to everyone. There is no more looking for a free parking space by shopping online, waiting in front of the changing room to try a piece of clothing, or in long queues just to pay for a floral dress that you liked. Instead, we have the chance to sit in our garden, drink some coffee, and browse through the websites. However, there are some things you can do to improve your online shopping experience. Consider these several hacks to make your shopping adventure more successful and enjoyable, too.

Tip 1: Buy now, pay later

As the e-commerce business is improving, so do many other options for online customers. For example, credit customers’ newest payment option is to buy something now and pay for it later. This is an excellent option for those going through tough financial situations and can not purchase the goods or services they require. If you cannot afford to buy something at the moment or if you don’t want to spend a lot of money all at once, then using this opportunity can come in handy. Many retailers allow you, through online catalogues like Catalogues247, to spread out the cost and pay for the good or service weekly or in monthly installments. With each purchase you make, you will receive a statement that will include the goods or services you purchased, the date of the purchase, the amount you have paid so far, and the amount that must be paid.

Tip 2: Shop on Monday and Sunday

Another advantage of shopping online is that we can shop whenever we want because online retailers work 24/7. According to a review done by Workarea of 25 online fashion apparels, people are most likely to go shopping at the beginning of the week because they are back to their regular routines and sometimes even eager to go shopping. At the same time, at the weekend, they usually engage in social activities. Therefore, online retailers keep track of people’s online visits and purchases and often schedule their marketing campaigns according to the days of the week or even which hours of the day shoppers purchase any goods or services. They usually give more discounts and promotional deals on Monday and Sunday. These exclusive deals may include free shipping or buying two for one special, so why not take advantage of them?

Tip 3: Get the real inside story from shoppers like you

Even though one of the disadvantages of shopping online is that you can’t really know whether what you are buying is valuable, checking for the reviews is probably the biggest source of social proof. When we shop online, it is a must to shop from reliable websites because these websites have a review section where you can read about people’s personal experience from using a particular service or buying goods. In a way, reviews have the power to influence the shopper’s decision, and according to a survey conducted by SocialMediaToday, about 62.7% of consumers think that reviews are important when purchasing online. So, next time before you are buying anything online, make sure you read several reviews to find out whether it is worth it to spend money on a particular good or service.

Tip 4: Check the return policy

As an online consumer, we don’t get to see or physically hold the item we want to buy. For this reason, not only do we need to check the reviews of other people’s experiences before purchasing, but also the return policy. A clear return policy gives online shoppers a feeling of security because retail businesses basically guarantee the quality of their products and services. Therefore, if the retailer does not provide this guarantee, then online shoppers may become suspicious and end up not buying the products. Before purchasing the goods or services, make sure that you read the conditions of the return policy. Usually, they include the time limit for returning the product and whether you will be given a full refund of your money or if the store charges a restocking fee when the product is returned.

Tip 5: Subscribe to newsletters

The opportunity to shop from many websites all at once is one of the most significant benefits of online shopping. However, browsing through each site and looking for a specific clothing piece can take up so much of your time. Online retailers usually offer the opportunity to subscribe to their newsletters. This means that you will receive information about what’s new in store regularly. This way, you can purchase something that you have been waiting for a long time. When you subscribe to newsletters, you often get special deals and can participate in pre-shopping events. And here is a tip for this tip: use a separate email address for these online newsletters, so your regular email account isn’t too overcrowded.

Wrapping up

E-commerce is constantly improving, and along with that, so does our opportunity to take advantage of what it offers. By shopping online, we avoid the things we dread the most such as getting ready, the traffic, and the long hours of walking around and browsing through the aisles only to find something appealing to us. Online retailers create their websites in such a way that we can see what items are on sale, a detailed description of the material and size of the product, the reviews, and return policy. Therefore, if you want to make your online shopping experience more successful and pleasant, consider these five tips and enjoy shopping.

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