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Think back to the last clothing item you bought which made you feel really good when you wore it.  There’s an exhilaration and confidence you get from certain garments or accessories which once you’ve experienced, is quite unmistakable.  So why don’t you get that feeling with everything you wear?  Why do you buy stuff just because it’s a bargain or it’s practical?  Why do you wear things if they don’t make you feel good?  Wearing clothing and accessories which you know to be stylish, flattering, expressive of your personality and comfortable is the best way to walk out in the world with confidence. So, here’s five fashion items to consider on your next shopping spree.

A Stylish Watch

A watch may be old technology, but it is still the most convenient way to tell the time and for both women and men it can be a stylish accessory which attracts admiration and brings you pleasure every time you look at it.  People will notice a watch and yes, if you are wearing a Rolex, they will make certain assumptions, but you don’t have to break the bank to have a beautiful watch.  Larsson and Jennings have a wide selection of metal and leather strapped watches for women and men, made from premium materials but at affordable prices.

A Crease Free Shirt

‘Smartness is more a matter of the appearance of your clothes rather than their style’, said Sir Hardy Amies and it’s still good advice.  In the morning rush of getting to work you won’t always have time to iron a shirt, but leave the house un-ironed and you are going to look, well, crumpled.  The solution to always looking smart and therefore feeling smart is to have a few crease free shirts in your wardrobe.


Yes, your trousers probably will stay up without one but if the garment has belt loops then it was designed to be worn with a belt.  You need a variety of belts: leather belts are formal; canvas belts are casual.  Thin belts are great for defining the waist on a midi dress and thicker belts work better with trousers.  Minimal buckles are easier to work with rather than a shouty statement buckle.  Don’t wear them under a top, it’s unflattering and don’t wear them too long, it looks silly.


There’s nothing like a great pair of sunglasses to boost your confidence and make you feel great.  Protecting your eyes is important so it’s well worth investing in a quality brand.  There are of course hundreds of style variants to choose from, so you need to take a little time to find a pair that suits your style.  Ray Ban are just about the most famous sunglass brand on the planet and you can fully customise their frames and even get your prescription lenses fitted.


Don’t let yourself down by wearing scruffy or uncomfortable footwear.  Whatever your style, always ensure that your footwear is clean and if appropriate, well-polished.  Be clear about whether your footwear needs to be smart or casual and if you are not confident in heels don’t feel that you have to wear them.  Choose timeless style and buy quality.

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