3 Benefits Of Buying A Smartwatch For Women

Photo Credit: Photo by Ingo Joseph via www.pexels.com

A watch is a watch, right? It tells the time and occasionally the date and not much else? While that may be true for traditional watches, smartwatches can do that and everything else in between, including acting as your calendar, answering calls, being a GPS device, sending and receiving emails, tracking your activity, heart rate, even menstrual cycle and much much more! 

Smartwatches are really a feat of innovation and reduce the need to carry lots of different devices all at once. They act as a great companion to the ever-ready smartphone and, in certain situations, they can be more secure than using your cell phone.

The Female Connection

For women though, some of these benefits can be extra convenient, and using a smartwatch in everyday life can mean we are healthier and even safer. Don’t believe me? Consider these three benefits of buying a smartwatch for women:

Mobile Features

Your smartwatch isn’t a replacement for your cell phone, but it really is a handy companion to your cell phone. Most smartwatches, even refurbished and cheap apple watches, are capable of sending and receiving messages, and even making or receiving calls.

In situations where you may not want to get your cell phone out in public, maybe you’re walking alone late at night, on the subway, or in a crowded high-crime area, being able to discreetly use your smartwatch as your cell phone’s companion can be a real benefit, especially when you consider the safety implications for women in particular.

Better and Longer Connectivity

Being connected for longer can be a huge inconvenience to many people, but for most of us, we’d prefer to be connected rather than disconnected. This is especially true for women, who typically have more caring responsibilities than anyone else, having a longer battery life is a must.  

When the kids are sick at nursery, it’s usually mum who is called out of a meeting to go and sort it out. This doesn’t exclude men and dads, but being able to get a discreet notification on your wrist during a meeting to say the nursery or school is calling can be a really good weight off the minds of working mums.

Effective health tracking

Most smartwatches these days come with activity monitors, and many are able to track both your heart rate and your bloody oxygen levels as well as your daily steps. 

Whilst cell phones have had pedometers for many years, having a connected smartwatch gives you a much more accurate reading of your exercise and workout results right on your wrist. Whether you’re swimming or jogging, doing yoga, or running around the store getting things in for dinner, having a smartwatch connected to your wrist will accurately track your exercise and let you know where you’re doing well and where you might need some improvement.

Of course, when paired with the myriad of female focussed apps, your watch can also be used as an effective health tracker, keeping you in the know when it comes to your personal health.

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