Partywear Options for Xmas and New Years

This year has just flashed by. In just a few weeks, the festive party season starts, giving you the chance to dress up and have a good time.

With the Black Friday sales coming up, now is the perfect time to get out there and buy your party outfits. At this time of the year, there is still a good choice of clothes available in most sizes. Plus, shopping in the sales is a great way to save a bit of cash.

Wear a skirt

One partywear option that seems to have been largely forgotten is to wear a nice skirt and top. This year, the pencil skirt is very much back in vogue. It is a really flattering and sexy cut that is great for a party. A sequinned or patterned pencil skirt paired with either a fitted or loose-form top looks fantastic. Best of all, if you choose a skirt all you need to do to change your look is to wear a different top. For a smarter look, or maybe a jazzier one, select the appropriate jacket.

Trouser suits and jumpsuits

Right now, there are some really lovely trouser suits available. For the right type of party, they can be a great option. Trousers tend to be warmer than a dress or skirt, so if you have a long journey on public transport to the party venue this type of outfit is an especially good option.

Jumpsuits are great fun and some are also suitable to be worn as partywear. Something bold and bright, worn with a nice wide ornate belt and the right pair of shoes can look stunning on many women.

2017 party dress trends

If you still prefer to stick to dresses, you are also in luck because the level of choice, this year, is amazing. Whether you want a glamorous maxi dress or a glittery shift dress you will be able to find it in the shops.

The little black dress has never really gone out of fashion, but it does seem that designers have favoured that look more this year. They are available in a big range of cuts. But, this year, detailed dresses are more widely available. Little touches like a gold embroidery straps or a satin sash add a little touch of class and add a little fun to what could otherwise be quite a plain looking party outfit.

Dress fabrics are for the most part rich and decadent. Think velvet combined with silk and you get the idea of what you can expect to find in the shops. Very classy and wearing these rich fabrics are a really good way to look and feel your best.

2017 partywear colour trends

This year’s colours are deep, warm and for the most part natural. Greens and blues are very on trend as are silver and shades of red. However, you do need to be careful to pick something that suits your skin tone. You can do this by checking out the colour wheel that is included in this newspaper article.

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