6 Tips for Transforming Your Personal Style

Photo Credit: Aizhana Aldanova, www.pexels.com

A person’s style is, as you would expect, about expressing personality and confidence. We never stop changing and developing as people, so naturally, it follows that our style preferences will evolve as well. Some people follow trends religiously, and others set them (or ignore them altogether). From the classically minimal to the bold fashion statements, variety and creativity in our appearance should be part of the joy of life. Whether you’re trying to be more fashionable in general and establish a personal style, or simply looking for a change to your normal look, here are six great tips to help you nail it.

  1. Be True to Yourself

You may be changing your style, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay true to yourself. It’s about finding that careful balance between wearing what makes you feel good but also what is appropriate for the environment or event. If you feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing other people will be able to see it, and one of the biggest parts of a successful style is confidence.

  1. Think About Changing More Than Just Your Clothes

When changing your style, you don’t have to stop at your clothes and accessories. Your hair is a huge part of your look and can either be a big boost or a drag on your confidence. Whether it’s a new way of styling and wearing your hair, a new haircut, a new colour or even something more permanent like a hair transplant with medical experts via Gethair.co.uk, you can make a huge difference to the way others perceive you and how you feel inside.

  1. Only Buy What You Love

We often focus on price and practicality when we’re buying clothes. We buy things because they’re a bargain or because ‘they’ll do’ for the everyday. While this is necessary sometimes when you’re thinking about personal style you should only buy items that you absolutely love. If the bargain you’ve grabbed isn’t something that you’re going to wear a lot, is it really a bargain? Invest your budget in fewer items which you will get more use from will give you the most value for money and ensure you always feel great.

  1. Stop Keeping Things for Best

On the other hand, buying a beautiful outfit which we never wear because it’s too special is not a great use of your money or wardrobe space. If you wait for the perfect event for an outfit, you could be waiting forever, and the chances are that it will no longer be in fashion when the time comes. Studies show that dressing up and making an effort make us feel much more positive about life in general and increase our self-esteem, so push the boat out a little more often.

  1. Embrace Colour

Don’t be afraid of colour, especially if your wardrobe is overstocked with neutrals and monochrome. The colours we wear have a genuine effect on how we feel and how others treat us and choosing shades which suit your skin tone and hair colour you can lift an already good outfit to a whole new level.

  1. Don’t Forget the Shoes

Finally, don’t forget to consider your shoes as part of your image transformation. Getting the right or wrong pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. If you’re working with a tight budget, don’t be tempted to settle for cheap. Invest in high quality and versatile shoes that you can make work with multiple outfits.

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