10 items of interview clothing that make a good impression for him or her

Having the right look for an interview is imperative. First impressions definitely count so make sure that aside from a firm handshake that you have the perfect interview outfit too. Dress for the job you want is an old adage that still rings true even today. The type of job you are applying for makes a difference to how you should dress. Not all jobs are looking for you to blend in, some roles expect you to stand out from the crowd.

The online clothing retailer Shein has fantastic value clothing for both men and women at an affordable price that is just what you need for interviews. If you use a Shein discount code when you order you can save even more money.

Try a statement dress which is perfect for either a corporate or creative role. The Scallop Fit & Flare dress comes in a variety of colours so you can accessorise it to suit the role you are applying for. This dress is unusual but still classic and demure so it is ideal for creating a fantastic first impression.

A pair of Belted Paperbag Waist skinny trousers could be available in different colours, these Polyester/Spandex mix trousers are elegant and comfortable, paired with a pretty blouse tucked in for a neat, clean look. Your shoe choice here is important as the trousers stop at the ankle. If you are looking for comfort over fashion, choose a pair of patent leather loafers to add a touch of elegance to that comfort.

Men’s interview wear can sometimes be a little dull and boring. Several sites offer some items that are a breath of fresh air in a dull corporate world. Their contrast panel topstitching shirt available in two colours will make you eye-catching in a sea of plain white shirts.

A navy jacket flatters more so than black. The Geo Print Lapel Blazer is just the ticket be it for a business casual interview, corporate or even a creative role. This jacket could even be used for a social event such is its versatility.

Career agency Ranstad has come up with some tips for how to dress for a financial services job interview. There are some jobs that expect you to dress a certain way. Financial services is one of those jobs that requires you to be impeccable so the interview attire is fundamental. Moss Bross offer a range of suits that will last you a lifetime thanks to their bespoke tailoring service and have you looking like a consummate professional.

A pair of men’s Derby Shoes from Marks and Spencers are an accomplished choice. They are comfortable and they look stylish. Available in navy, black, tan and grey you can be sure that they will be an ideal companion to whichever suit you choose.

Next is another one of those shops that offers a wide range of workwear and interview outfits. The high street retailer is a guarantee when it comes to both quality and affordability. Their Women’s Blue Single Breasted Tailored fit jacket joined with the matching Blue Slim Fit Trousers is guaranteed to make a lasting impression and showcase your good taste and understanding of the role you are taking on.

ASOS has a collection of garments suitable for an interview that will have you spoilt for choice. The struggle is real when it comes to finding well fitting clothes for the taller lady, or those of you that are petite or even curvy. Fashion sites have covered all the bases. Their Curve wrap midi dress in khaki is both a colour and a shape that flatters and looks professional.

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