10 Must-Have Accessories for Summer

Photo By: David Rosen Follow Sunglasses

Photo By: David Rosen Follow

Summer is here, which means it’s time to dig out the shorts, dresses and flip-flops. Fashion trends go in and out of style every few years but one aspect of our outfits that tends to stand the test of time are the accessories. Summer accessories can make or break an outfit, which is why you’ve got to know the ones that are going to be in style this summer.

  1. Big Sunglasses

Shield your precious eyes from the gleaming sun with a good quality pair of sunglasses. Coloured rims are particularly popular this season with pastel shade glasses taking the lead. Grab a pair for yourself and keep them handy for the sunny days of summer.

  1. Watches

You can’t always have your phone on your person to tell the time which is why watches are not only convenient accessories but stylish too. Tic Watches keeps up with the more fashionable choices that are absolute must-haves this summer. Choose a colourful strap to add an extra bit of life into your outfit this month.

  1. Bracelets

Bangles and bracelets have made a strong comeback this year. Bright colours are especially popular with fashion magazines constantly sporting neon shades around wrists and bolder colours such as reds and blues.

  1. Tribal Bag

Tribal patterns have been featured in Vogue and other famous fashion magazines this summer. They are great for festivals and according to Cosmo, they are ideal for weekend wear and daytime wear. Be the envy of all your friends this summer and choose a bag that will catch their eyes and turn them slightly green.

  1. Sunhat

A stylish sunhat to keep the sun out of your eyes and your outfit on point is a necessity this summer. Pair your hat with a gorgeous maxi dress and gladiator sandals to stay bang on trend.

  1. Poncho

Fashion trends have taken a turn into the Wild West era with suede, fringe and ponchos making a comeback. Grab your own poncho this summer for the days when the sun is hidden behind grey clouds.

  1. Gladiator Sandals

Your summer wardrobe isn’t complete until you add a pair of stylish gladiator sandals into the mix. Many of these reach just below your knees and have been seen strutting the summer 2015 catwalk. Pair your sandals with summer dresses or skirts to add a more feminine touch.

  1. Pendant Necklace

According to Glamour Magazine, pendant necklaces are all the rage this summer. They advise that you opt for a ‘slim, elongated chain’ as this year’s ‘go-to necklace style is elegant and refined’. Choose a pendant that you like the best and avoid chunky necklaces this year as they are too heavy for the summer.

  1. Brown Lace Belt

Lace has been hugely popular in recent years and many fashion experts have used a gorgeous brown lace belt as the finishing touch to summer dresses. They are feminine and clench in your waist, giving the illusion of a perfect hourglass figure.

  1. Suede Handbag

A gorgeous suede handbag is the perfect summer accessory. It is has been very popular on the high street after celebrities were recently seen sporting similar handbags over their shoulders.

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