Your face. No filter with the revolutionary Ellanse


How much better does your face look after you’ve given it a soft focus on Instagram? Imagine that result in real life!

I’m 45, and my skin has seen many a sunny holiday, and there’s no doubt that I have not looked after it quite as well as I should; But thankfully, with medical advancements, there are lots of ways to ease the guilt of a mis-spent youth, and there is hope for my long lost collagen.

Skin has multiple layers and I had been wincing at the deep lines and crinkles around my mouth area for quite some time. I had put down to being so cheery, but actually it is just older skin’s natural reaction to ageing- where folds and wrinkles emerge in the most inconvenient places.

Blaming insufficient use of face cream of my youth (and the fact that I am a bit of a chatterbox) so my facial muscles are constantly moving, I took close up pictures of the dreaded lines, in the privacy of my own home, so my Aesthetic Doctor Dr Pradnya could see what she was dealing with pre-treatment.


I was told my problem areas included the nasolabial folds (the indentation lines on either side of the mouth that extend from the edge of the nose to the mouth’s outer corners), were deep; And weight loss had made my cheekbones more prominent. Sods law, you lose weight off your face when you don’t want to! But my knight in a shiny white coat, assured me, she could ready to rescue me, and make me feel like my teenage self!

Not very likely (I thought to myself), but I signed the forms, and settled back for my first ever Ellanse treatment, which was a long term commitment to facial rejuvenation…

Unlike other fillers, Ellanse penetrates deep into the skin via a carrier gel, and specifically targets areas affected by volume loss. However, rather than an instant result like normal fillers, the microspheres are broken down over the course of a few months, and the collagen is actively activated over a period of time. So I was assured that the lunchtime treatment with minor bruising, would be well worth it, as the finished result would last up to a year or more..

It’s not been twelve months, but I can assure after three weeks, you that my face is softer, fresher and oozing with youthful dew.. Ok I might have been exaggerating the last bit, but I’m good to go in natural light again. No filters needed!

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