Like 99.99999% (figure probable, not exact…) of women in the world, I have stretch marks. I gained some during puberty and some from pregnancy, I appreciate that we are being encouraged to be proud of our ‘tiger stripes’ which is great for body positivity but in all honesty, as much as I’m not embarrassed by my stretchmarks, if I could erase them with a magic wand, I would do it in a second.

I have tried quite a few different treatments and products for stretch marks; in my opinion- a cream/oil will never erase a stretch mark, ever. Some treatments I’ve tried have made a slight difference; microneedling has improved the skin laxity around my pregnancy stretchmarks and ‘plumped’ the scars up making them less visible. Radio Frequency heats the skin to create a tightening effect and helps to boost subdermal (lowest layer) collagen again helping to reduce the appearance of the stretchmarks. However, results with these treatments seems to be short lived and need to be performed regularly and over time.

Another problem with stretchmark visibility is, as with regular scar tissue, pigment is lost or distorted within stretchmarks and they do not darken with the rest of your skin in the sun, again making them more noticeable, especially in women of colour.

Then I was told about a clinically proven treatment in Italy that has been successfully treating client stretchmarks for over 5 years with results being consistent and maintained throughout that time…

Biodermogenesi from Fusion GT is the first non-invasive treatment to successfully regenerate the structure of the skin by increasing oxygenation (to help strengthen elasticity), rebuilding collagen (natural type III collagen) and removing toxins allowing it to repair. The treatment works at the matrix (where the skin structure is formed) by using a combination of electromagnetic energy and vacuum technology which enables self-renewal of the tissues, literally rewinding time – the results have a 72-100% success rate, the treatment is totally painless and has zero downtime! In fact, your skin feels smooth as silk immediately after the treatment with results getting better (read: smoother) day by day. After the treatment, the marks are able to regain the lost pigment with sun exposure, disguising every trace of their previous existence!

I chose to focus the treatment on my ‘puberty stretch marks’ aka my entire bum. I couldn’t believe how relaxing the treatment was – no heat or zapping or prodding, it just felt like a suction massage! I had been particularly busy at the time of having the treatment, so, to lie down for 45 mins totally undisturbed was pure bliss and sent me off to sleep every time!

I have had 3 treatments (a course of 6 is recommended) and already I can see a difference; not only are the stretchmark lines plumped up and less ‘scar-like’, the shape of my bum looks better too- I kid you not! It’s like everything has been slightly lifted back into its youthful position! The smoothness I could feel immediately after the treatment and over the following days has not subsided and in fact, the smoothness is noticeable in appearance as well as to the touch. It’s a real-life miracle!

So…. no pain, no down-time, quick treatment, immediate, continuing and long-lasting results…..Sound too good to be true? The only drawback is the cost, this treatment does not come cheap. Sad, but understandable; there are very few (if any) treatments in general that can treat a complex issue such as stretchmarks, with proven results (results via University studies and independent researchers) so quickly and so easily, technology like this is cutting-edge expensive!

But it is the closest thing to that magic wand I mentioned……

£2,300 for 6 treatments. Website is to book please visit the website, phone 020 7481 1656 or email

** BTW that’s not my peachy bum in the pictures unfortunately, but it has inspired me to increase my squats! **

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