They promise Clear, Beautiful Skin in 10 days…. the Lumecca facial fixed me in 2

Lumecca is a new generation IPL (Intense Pulsed Light aka, laser) designed to treat Pigmentation and Vascular Lesions (i.e spider veins) on the face, chest and hands but it is also amazing for Rosacea and, in my case, red marks left from spots (which I may or may not have picked at…..).

I have had plenty of IPL over the years, in my aim to zap away all my freckles of sun-damage, and let me tell you – it hurts! I have got a very high pain threshold, yet I do not usually cope well with IPL at all! Lumecca, I am relieved to report, is different to the IPLs of yester-year.

I went along to Award winning, Vie Aesthetics – a clinic in an old English town house on Harley Street, to try it out. My facialist Aimee inspected my skin and it turns out, all my years of pigmentation zapping had paid off – there wasn’t much for her to zap! I do have a spider vein on my face but this is decades old and is purple in colour (you need to get the pesky spider veins quick and while they are still red in colour for Lumecca to pick them up), I did have plenty of red marks to treat though, where some old spots were trying to heal. I also had some pigmentation underneath my chin!! Probably missed by me with my own skincare routine or perhaps missed in salon when I have had other pigment-fighting treatments – it didn’t escape Aimee’s eagle eye though! Now, I am fairly high-maintenance but, I would never usually be so high-maintenance as to be concerned about a few freckles under my chin (!!) but this was a perfect testing area to see what Lumecca can really do!

After a thorough cleanse and de-greasing, Aimee put some protective goggles over my eyes and got to work with the laser. I was dreading it, but I needn’t have worried – it was all over faster than the cleanse part of the treatment! All I felt was a very gentle snap against the skin, like an elastic band pinging. I wasn’t very red after either but it’s not unusual for some people to be a bit red for a few hours after the treatment.

I was expecting to see some darkening of the freckles (as is normal in the days following IPL treatment, before they flake away) what I wasn’t expecting was to see my post-spot-picking red marks totally disappear within 2 days!!! I was so surprised! At my ripe old age of 40, I’ve really noticed that any mark on my face takes much, much longer to heal now compared to even a few years ago, and yes, I know picking is really bad – it’s something I’ve always done and although I have been much better-behaved about it over the last 3 years, I still have the odd lapse when I’m stressed or agitated! Anyway, I digress; any future brides out there or school reunion attendees (in 2030 when we are allowed out properly again) I would seriously consider this treatment as a quick fix for healing spots/marks before the big event and giving you a youthful glow – it’s quite unbelievable.

As for the pigmentation, you really need up to 3 sessions for the best results, but I could see a noticeable difference after just one session (the pictures of my chin are spaced just 4 weeks apart, before and after 1 single treatment!).

Lumecca is a miracle worker and you could not be in safer hands than at Vie.

Lumecca treatment, £250 per session, per area (plus £25 booking fee, redeemable against the treatment)

To book visit the website or call 0207 164 6140

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