The Vitamin Injection that works wonders

Glass Medicine Vials and botox, hualuronic, collagen or flu Syringe on a white background.

Volunteering myself for a vitamin jab I wasn’t quite sure what I was letting myself in for. The craze that has spread from the States, has been the secret of fashionistas across London and is now exposed!

Popping out for a jab at lunchtime has never been more ‘on point’! So I took an hour out, and popped along to flagship Vitamins Injection Clinic in Marylebone. I was intrigued to find out if this is how I could still schmooze beyond 9pm without feeling like rubbish in the morning.

Lack of energy is a massive hurdle for me. I work hard, and I play hard and don’t give myself much downtime, so sometimes I know I am living on borrowed energy. After my consultation which took into consideration my lifestyle, eating habits and sleep patterns, my therapist recommended the Myers Cocktail to help me sleep better and help my mental clarity. Containing B12, Vitamin C and magnesium, it was going to be one big burst of goodness that would soak straight into my system, through the vein in my arm. I also agreed to shot of vitamin D6 Mega Dose in my shoulder (that or my bottom!) so I opted for somewhere which I could rub in public., if it gave me any issues later!

I was slightly concerned about the amount of needles, but the Cocktail was infused via one prick butterfly insertion, and the D6 went straight into the top of my arm. As it administered via mesotherapy directly into the bloodstream, the results are almost immediate, and even though my knees were slightly weak at the sight of the needles, I certainly left feeling slightly more sprightly than when I went in, and the effect has got better over the last few days as I am really able to appreciate the burst of goodness.

With no reference to treating or diagnosing medical conditions, the menu reads like a spa, with combinations of vits for Anti-ageing, Wellness, Fat Burning and Energy, there are numerous combinations to help target known problems.

With a combination of vitamins, the procedure can take a little longer, but it’s not uncomfortable as you just lie back and let the goodness seep in. I think I’ll book in next for the Heavy Metal Detox to help flush my system out from the toxic metals I have absorbed from daily life. Brain fog, sleep problems, lack of energy and poor concentration are all things that I suffer with, and I would be delighted to use an alternative therapy to sort them out.

Vitamin Injections London 

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